Monday, January 30, 2012

One-Shot-A-Month - January

Well, I was all set to run InSpectres at the Glasgow Indie Gamers meet...except only one person actually showed up. It looks like the club's on its last legs. I was going to have to stop going indefinitely anyway, since I'm in a weekly game on the night it's usually on near the end of the month, but it's a shame the group appears to be in decline.

More to the point, this means I've already broken my New Year's Resolution to do a one-shot RP every month. Of course, it's not really my fault - I can't run a game if I don't have people to run it for - but the resolution is broken all the same.

That doesn't mean I get to give up for the rest of the year though. I have the seed of an idea for a Doctor Who game to run in February, so I'm going to work on that over the course of next month and then run it at the next GUGathon. Then I'll probably run Feng Shui the following month.

Anyway, I'll try and post regarding my plans for February's game as I work on then. Anyway, since I'm not running InSpectres, I have a game to play on IRC now, so see ya later!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 One-Shot RPs - Tentative Schedule

Haven't been doing a great job of keeping my New Years resolutions so far. Not done any planning for this month's one-shot yet, so I'm probably just going to run a session of InSpectres: Startup Edition, since that's easy enough to run on the fly.

Starting next month though, I'm gonna have to try and get busy doing some proper prep for the next one-shot, so I've put together a schedule of the games I intend to run for each month. Some of these may change, as I may decide to run one or two more Doctor Who one-shots, since we're all gonna be starved of Whoness until autumn this year. I may also have to change which group I'm running the sessions for, depending on what those groups are doing on the months in question.

But for now, here's the schedule as it stands:

January (running at Glasgow Indie Gamers)
Inspectres: Startup Edition

February (running at GUGS)
Doctor Who 
Savage Worlds: UNIT
Title: "The Lost Day"

March (running at Glasgow Indie Gamers)
Feng Shui

April (running at GUGS)
Doctor Who 
Savage Worlds: UNIT

May (running at Glasgow Indie Gamers)
Icons: Hope Preparatory School

June (running at GUGS)
FATE (either Dresden Files, Spirit of the Century, or Starblazer Adventures)

July (running at Glasgow Indie Gamers)
Don't Rest Your Head

August (running at GUGS)
BESM: The F.I.R.E. Brigade Casefiles (used to be called Mystery Club, but there's already a long-running BESM RP by that name)

September (running at GUGS for Fresher's Week)
Cinematic Unisystem (either Angel/Buffy or Stargate)
Note: Will also try to run some InSpectres for Glasgow Indie Gamers just so they're not left out. ;)

October (running at GUGS)
Little Fears: Nightmare Edition

November (running at GIG)
Wild Talents

December (venue TBC)
Mortal Coil: Project MAGI
Title: One Minute to Midnight

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Looking Forward, Not Backward

Happy New Year folks! I thought I’d kick off the New Year by making a new post to my blog for the first time in…well, a while.

It seems to be traditional for people to do a review of the year gone by, but last year was a bit of a downer for me, so I’m not going to look back on it. Instead, I’m just going to look forward to the year ahead.

What are my plans for 2012? First of all, I intend for this year to be the year that I finally get a job. I’m also going to apply for work experience with the BBC in the near future, so hopefully something good will come out of that.

I’m also more determined than ever that I will finish a writing project, polish it up, and try to get it published. This has been my dream since my early teens, and I’m not about to give up on it now. I just need to decide which of my projects to go with for the start of this year, and I’m going to try outlining for once. Pantsing (or discovery writing, whichever term you prefer) clearly isn’t working out for me. I seem to work better when I have some kind of plan, so I’m going to try and come up with one and then get started writing.

Another couple of fun things I’m planning for this year. I’ll be running my Ashen Stars campaign for my friends David, Angela and Andrew over IRC, so hopefully that will go well. I’m also planning to run a one-shot game once every month, either at GUGS or the Glasgow Indie Gamers meets. I’ll be using a different system each month, as a way of giving some love to all the RP books I’ve collected over the years, but haven’t yet played.

Speaking of roleplaying, coming up in April are the 2012 Student Roleplaying Nationals in Cardiff, which I’m very excited about. I’m down for the Doctor Who category, so that should be fun. Depending on how the finances go, I might even dress for the occasion. Or I might only be able to manage my travel fare and spending money. We’ll see how things go.

Last but not least, I’m going to try and blog a bit more regularly this year than I did last year. I was stressing over attempting another ‘reboot’ of this blog, as I had done last year. However, after giving it a bit more thought, I’ve decided not to worry too much about actually scheduling regular blog content at this point. I’m not a pro writer yet, or a pro blogger for that matter, and I think one of the reasons I dropped off of Tumblr last year - aside from all the personal stuff that was going on back then - is that I’ve been taking this blog a bit too seriously.

So I’m just going to try and take it easy, and just blog when I have something interesting to say or to share with you all, instead of actually trying to force myself to come up with interesting content according to some strictly kept schedule.

Anyway, those are my plans for the New Year. I hope you’re all well, and wish you all the best for 2012. Let’s all have a great year this time round!

See you later, folks!