Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 One-Shot RPs - Tentative Schedule

Haven't been doing a great job of keeping my New Years resolutions so far. Not done any planning for this month's one-shot yet, so I'm probably just going to run a session of InSpectres: Startup Edition, since that's easy enough to run on the fly.

Starting next month though, I'm gonna have to try and get busy doing some proper prep for the next one-shot, so I've put together a schedule of the games I intend to run for each month. Some of these may change, as I may decide to run one or two more Doctor Who one-shots, since we're all gonna be starved of Whoness until autumn this year. I may also have to change which group I'm running the sessions for, depending on what those groups are doing on the months in question.

But for now, here's the schedule as it stands:

January (running at Glasgow Indie Gamers)
Inspectres: Startup Edition

February (running at GUGS)
Doctor Who 
Savage Worlds: UNIT
Title: "The Lost Day"

March (running at Glasgow Indie Gamers)
Feng Shui

April (running at GUGS)
Doctor Who 
Savage Worlds: UNIT

May (running at Glasgow Indie Gamers)
Icons: Hope Preparatory School

June (running at GUGS)
FATE (either Dresden Files, Spirit of the Century, or Starblazer Adventures)

July (running at Glasgow Indie Gamers)
Don't Rest Your Head

August (running at GUGS)
BESM: The F.I.R.E. Brigade Casefiles (used to be called Mystery Club, but there's already a long-running BESM RP by that name)

September (running at GUGS for Fresher's Week)
Cinematic Unisystem (either Angel/Buffy or Stargate)
Note: Will also try to run some InSpectres for Glasgow Indie Gamers just so they're not left out. ;)

October (running at GUGS)
Little Fears: Nightmare Edition

November (running at GIG)
Wild Talents

December (venue TBC)
Mortal Coil: Project MAGI
Title: One Minute to Midnight

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