Friday, August 24, 2012

[Character Sheet] Technoir RPG: Hong Kong - Mei 'Lightfoot' Li

I've just joined a one-shot of Technoir over on the RPGnet PbP board and play is expected to commence on Monday, as the GM (kagechikara) and myself both have stuff going on over the weekend.

In the meantime, as I'm pretty excited about the upcoming game, I thought I'd post the character I've written up for it. So far, there's only one other player (Chronicler), but we're hoping more people will show an interest over the weekend. Even if we don't get anyone else though, I think we'll probably do okay with just two.

Mei 'Zephyr/Lightfoot' Li
(Anne Suzuki used as likeness)

A Chinese-Japanese orphan who used to run with the Outstanding Five until she got caught stealing from the 28K. The Triads recognised her talent after she led them a merry chase and decided to recruit her. However, to teach her a lesson, they broke her legs and then paid for cybernetic replacements, telling her that her 'light feet' belonged to them now.

Recently, she's befriended idealistic journalist Billie Ng, whose optimism she finds endearing. Billie's trying to find her a way out of the 28K, and she's more than willing to take it if he does.

Criminal (Hack, Prowl, Shoot)
Courier (Fight, Move, Prowl)
Courier (Fight, Move, Prowl)

Coax • Detect • Fight •••
Hack •• Move ••• Operate •
Prowl •••• Shoot •• Treat •

[+] Determined
[+] Agile
[+] Intuitive

Airmask (Face Mask, Toxin Filter)
Stinger (Small, Silencer)
Stealth Jumpsuit (Thermal Dampeners, Ballistic Armor, Impact Armor)
Goggles (Display, Gesture Input, Infrared, Linked, Mic, Sound)
Springheels (Implant, Nerve-linked, Matched pair, Spring-loaded, Strong, Tough)

Money: 2 Kreds

Bluetooth Koi - Fence (armor, weapons), Shark [Debt: 10 Kreds]
Tang Lam - Fence (cyberware, organs), Splice
Billie Ng - Date, Ride

Relationship Adjectives:
Bluetooth Koi - Respectful
Tang Lam - Dependent
Billie Ng - Affectionate
Max a.k.a. Cutter (Chronicler's PC) - Sympathetic

Used Shark favor from Bluetooth Koi.
Used Splice favor from Tang Lam.

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