Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What The Future Holds (Roleplaying-wise)

GUGS wasn't on yesterday, as it's Fresher's Week at the university, so sadly no Fiasco or other one-off game session to report about this week.

Next week though, GUGS will be starting its 'one shot season', allowing new members to try their hands at roleplaying (and existing members to settle back in after the holidays if they've been away) in one-off games for the first couple of weeks, before the long-term campaigns get started in October.

I've decided to take another shot at GMing, after a disastrous attempt at a Spirit Of The Century campaign over the summer break, so I'll be running a couple of sessions of InSpectres.

I chose to run InSpectres as it's a 'GM-lite' game which requires no real prep, and allows the players quite a bit of narrative control. The default setting is a horror comedy in the style of Ghostbusters, with the players as a team of supernatural investigators for hire. I've run the game once before and it was a good bit of wacky fun, so I'm looking forward to running it again.

After that, I'll be joining a Legend of the Five Rings game. At the moment I'm still trying to decide what kind of character I want to play. Right now it's a toss-up between sneaky ninja (Scorpion clan) or detective type (Dragon clan). I've got a couple weeks to work it out yet, in any case.

I don't know if we're going to be having a GUGathon this month or not - that's our monthly gaming marathon day, which usually takes place the last Saturday of the month - but I'm going to try and prepare myself for running a one-shot of Monster of the Week (the action-horror Apocalypse World hack by Michael Sands). I've got a vague idea for a mystery in mind, just need to iron out a few details.

All that aside, the Marvel Heroic spin-off campaign should be running as normal on Saturday, and it should be the finale before we segue back into the main campaign.

So that should all make for lots of great roleplaying fun in the near future. Looking forward to it!

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