Monday, October 1, 2012

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying: New Runaways #8/X-Men: Last Class Vol 2, #1

This session served as both a finale for the summer game and a premiere for our regular X-Men game. The events detailed here are, as always, prejudiced towards Jenny's POV and there's some stuff that happens elsewhere and also later on that she's not privy to. I won't be going into detail on these at this time, for reasons which I'll explain at the end of this Actual Play.

The Cast
Alex Murphy (played by Blair) – Formerly the school’s resident drug dealer, Murphy is now attempting to establish himself as team leader in the fight against the forces of evil. He has the ability to manipulate air.
Chad Hudson (played by Heather) – Earth manipulating jerkass jock.
Jenny Darkholme (played by me) – Orphan with a strong sense of responsibility and potentially destined to be one of the guardians of the multiverse. She has the ability to teleport, and to manipulate energy. She is also currently sharing head-space with the 'ghost' of a reformed evil (and much older and more experienced) version of herself.
TE Lawrence (played by Anna, absent this week) – An undercover life-sized decoy robot sent by SHIELD to track down the source of MGH being sold on the Midtown High School campus. As of episode two, his memory banks have been erased except for his cover identity and a single directive: ‘Save as many as you can.’
Disclaimer: The character of Jenny Everywhere is available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Jenny Everywhere, in order that others may use this property as they wish. All rights reversed.

The energies given off by the Phoenix Force were too great. We had to do something or all of New York beneath us would be blown to pieces. We tried siphoning off the energy through the TARDIS and my own energy absorption powers, but it was too much. Chad even tried when I couldn't take any more, but even he had to stop, as the energy current started purifying his earth form into a metallic form. Eventually, the Doctor ordered us all out of the TARDIS. Before we left, he reminded us that the Phoenix would arrive in our own universe in 13 days; he said it was a fixed point in time, and for a point in time to be fixed on 'the omniversal scale' it meant something cataclysmic was going to happen. He told us - or, I think now that he was talking to me specifically - not to worry, that we would meet again. Murph took everyone in the palm of his Gundam, while I teleported out and hovered nearby.

Head Jenny told me it seemed the Doctor was planning on filling up the TARDIS with the Phoenix energies and using the extra charge to shunt the TARDIS and the Phoenix somewhere far away, where it wouldn't be a danger for a while. But he couldn't do it alone. Head Jenny told me that this was where she got off. She told me to retreat to the Gundam's clasped hands along with everyone else, which I did. And then I took some kind of fit - felt like I was being pulled apart - and passed out. The last thing I remember before losing consciousness was Head Jenny's voice telling me: 'We'll meet again.'

When I came to, there was a hole in the world in the shape of the TARDIS and the Phoenix. The view on the other side kept shifting. One minute it was showing some sort of starry backdrop, the next it was showing a strange, tropical landscape where a huge armada of cube shaped spaceships were hovering in the sky. We started getting pulled towards it, and I yelled for Murph to go the other way. I guess he couldn't manage that though. We got sucked through into the tropical land, and all the power cut out in the ship. Murph managed to pull us out of the freefall soon enough, and we regrouped with Grimlock, who had also been pulled through the portal.

We encountered some guy who called himself Collect. He had some X-Men insignia, so we figured him to be friendly and asked Grimlock to keep him safe. He did so by asking the poor guy to climb inside his mouth which he was understandably reluctant to do. All the same, he did, and we got to addressing the matter at hand: the armada of cube ships announcing to us that 'Resistance was futile' and we would be 'archived'.

Well, I was in a pretty foul mood by now. The Doctor was gone, so was Head Jenny, and I'd had about enough of cosmic level bullies trying to push people around. I teleported myself to a hovering position in front - or what appeared to be the front - of the fleet and drew the space sword. Then I yelled, 'Archive this!'

I slashed at the air in front of the armada with the sword. What happened next wasn't exactly what I had planned though. I had meant to channel my power through the sword and teleport a bunch of the cubes elsewhere. What actually happened was, I cut open a portal in front of the armada, and a huge burst of red energy - like the eye beams that Cyclops guy used - poured out of the the tear. I'd accidentally ripped a hole between this dimension and one of pure energy. It made a pretty big dent in their numbers before these things - they called themselves the Borg - seemed to adapt to the energy and put up forcefields to defend against it. Even then, their forcefields couldn't completely stop the full force of the energy, and it was slowly eating away at the rest of the cubes.

The energy was running out of control though. I knew if I didn't fix the hole I'd made, it would continue to expand until that energy consumed the world, maybe even the entire universe. I reversed the space sword and started trying to zip the hole shut. I got about halfway before the sword got so hot I could smell the flesh burning on my hands, but I kept going, kept pulling the hole shut until there was just a fist sized hole left. And then the tip of the sword melted. The rest disintegrated in my hands as I pulled it away, and my hands were covered in first degree burns. And because of my energy absorption powers, I was still linked to the energy on the other side of the portal. The beam of it that was pouring out from that hole was tethered to me, and I couldn't stop absorbing.

"Murph..." I said, "...don't let them win. You hear me? Don't let them." He was busy, so I don't think he realised this was my way of saying goodbye.

My last thoughts were that I hoped I'd done enough damage to give the others a fighting chance, but there still seemed to be a lot of ships. I counted maybe about a thousand. I hoped the others would be all right. I hoped they would be able to stop Them from getting their hands on the Phoenix Force.

Finally, I became energy myself, and got drawn back into that dimension as the hole finally sealed itself and drew the energy that was spilling out back to the other side. As I was absorbed, I heard Head Jenny's voice say: "I told you we'd meet again."

After that, nothing much seemed to matter anymore. I was still conscious of my surroundings, of the red light that was now my world. But everything was sort of numb, none of it seemed all that important anymore. The others would be fine. Everything would work out as it was supposed to.

Eventually I became so used to the red light that it faded to white. And then other Jennys started appearing in this white space. They tried talking to me, but I didn't respond to them. They still seemed to remember what feelings were and talked to one another, but I couldn't interact with them. I couldn't see that it mattered.

After a while, it dawned on me where all those Jennys were coming from. They were the Jennys who had died. This was the White Room where Jennys go after they've died. But that couldn't be right. I was there, but I wasn't dead. And I realised that I had created this place. I had created the White Room. And it seemed that shortly after I realised this, all the other Jennys went away again. I was alone again.

Alone. I remembered what that meant now.

And so I screamed.

OOC: So, this version of Jenny is, for all intents and purposes, dead. There's also a lot of backstory from the X-Men: Last Class campaign that isn't explored here because she wasn't privy to it. My intent is to post a recap of the first 'season' of the X-Men: Last Class campaign before the next session on Saturday. I'll also try and start off the next AP report with a brief summary of what happened last session to those who weren't Jenny.

I'm not sure who I'll be playing as next Saturday but I'll be giving an AP report of the session as usual next Monday, either from their POV or I may start just giving a general overview. Which means I'll need to take better notes of what happens. I'll be getting some practice with that when the L5R campaign starts up on Tuesday.

X-Men: Last Class Vol 2., #2 will be online next Monday @ 6:00pm. Stay tuned!