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[Actual Play] Marvel Heroic Roleplaying - X-Men: Last Class Vol 2., #3

The Cast
Adonis (Played by Heather V) - A mutant of such natural charisma that he can't help but be attractive to the fairer sex, and even other men. Also possesses super strength and endurance.
Chad Hudson (Also played by Heather V) - An earth manipulating jerkass jock, and one of only two surviving members of the New Runaways group who crossed over in Vol 2., Issue #1
Erica (Played by Heather W) - A shapeshifter who is able to sense how things work in any given reality, allowing her to move like the creatures she transforms into. This also allows her to sense if something about the reality she inhabits is off.
Jenny Everywhere (played by me) - Yet another alternate version of Jenny, hailing from a steampunk reality (the Spirit of the Century universe). This one is more experienced in her role as a mulitversal guardian, and is also more of a scientific bent than her predecessors.
Larry Luck AKA Collect (played by Mike) - Larry has the ability to retrieve any object he requires from anywhere in the multiverse, though the process can occasionally be quite random. This talent has earned him unwanted attention from certain players in the war currently being waged across the multiverse.
Mayhem (played by Blair) - A symbiote with child-like intellect whose host, an erudite professor, is able to exert enough influence to keep it fighting on the side of good, unfortunately the professor's intelligence does not carry over to the symbiote.
TE Lawrence (played by Anna) - A life-sized decoy robot disguised as a high school student sent by SHIELD to track down the source of MGH being sold on the Midtown High School campus in the New Runaways universe. Now one of only two surviving members of that group, having crossed over in Vol 2., Issue #1.
Disclaimer: The character of Jenny Everywhere is available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Jenny Everywhere, in order that others may use this property as they wish. All rights reversed.

TE Lawrence, the new holder of the Infinity Gauntlet, finds himself face to face with an angry Cyclops who wants the gauntlet for himself. Disturbed by feeling the emotions of everyone in the multiverse as a result of the Mind gem in the gauntlet, Lawrence flees from the rogue X-Man. Jenny Everywhere attempts to stall Cyclops by admonishing him: 'Scotty, Scotty...I'm disappointed. Your other selves had better manners. You forgot to say the magic word."

Cyclops is confused as to how Everywhere knows his real name, but he soon realises who she is, and sneers at her: "Oh, you're one of them. Those so-called 'Guardians of the Multiverse'."

As she is unable to reason with Cyclops, Everywhere tries a different approach. She has sensed something unusual about the energy coming from Cyclops' visor, and suspects he is connected to the dimension of kinetic energy into which her alternate self, Jenny Darkholme, has been absorbed. She hopes that if she can make mental contact with her counterpart, she might be able to manipulate Cyclops' energy stream and turn it against him somehow, maybe even use it to escape from the energy dimension. However, in order to contact the other Jenny, she must wait until the channel to the other universe is opened; in other words, she needs to wait until Cyclops uses his blasts.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group attempt to slow Cyclops down, but he's too powerful for them. Luckily, Chad is able to raise a rock barrier from the asteroid around them to protect Lawrence from Cyclops' blasts.
As Cyclops blasts his way through the rock barrier, Everywhere is able to make contact with Jenny Darkholme, but her plan hits a snag: Darkholme's voice calls from the other end of the channel, and she says that she is trapped or tethered inside the other universe. Everywhere begins to try and teleport her out herself, but she has to take care how she does it, as Darkholme's essence is now intermingled with that of the energy dimension.

Having recovered from being knocked out and having heard Darkholme's voice, Collect realises what Jenny Everywhere is trying to do, and decides to help her out. He reaches inside one of his dimensional pockets and pulls out a stream of energy, which coalesces into the naked form of Jenny Darkholme. He puts his coat around her to cover her up.

Everywhere is taken aback by Collect's intervention, and once again both stunned and slightly worried by the apparent transdimensional properties of his coat.

Before Everywhere can return her attention to Cyclops, however, events take an unexpected turn for the worse. Jenny Darkholme starts being dragged inside one of the pockets of Collect's coat. Collect and Everywhere grab hold of her arms and pull her free, to find her body covered in claw-shaped burns. Everywhere throws her own coat over her counterpart, and pulls her away from the coat as something monstrous claws its way out from the pocket that Collect previously retrieved the Darkhold from. To her horror, Everywhere recognises the creature that emerges as a Gug, and tries to use her apportation powers to send it away to another dimension, only to open herself up and allow a thread of dark eldritch power to connect itself to her, forcing her into a battle of wills against the creature.

Not far away, Cyclops penetrates the rock barrier created by Chad, and renews his assault on Lawrence, who uses the space powers of the Gauntlet to throw boulders of asteroid rock at Cyclops in order to deflect his attacks.

Facsimile further horrifies everyone by transforming herself into a Gug in order to fight off the monster, and manages to defeat it in a brutal smackdown, while also resisting the attempts of the Gug's dark master to assert control over her own mind.

Lawrence finally manages to use the power of the Infinity Gauntlet to project the pain of everyone in the multiverse onto Cyclops, who collapses in despair, beating his fists into the ground and crying, 'Oh Jean, why...why...WHY?'

He then unleashes a powerful blast of kinetic energy that sends him hurtling off into space, and critically compromises the integrity of the asteroid in which Thanos' lair resides. As the team recovers from the battle and regroups, the asteroid implodes...


X-Men: Last Class Vol 2., #4 will be online next Monday @6:00pm.

Apologies for the wait, I wanted Doc to read over the recap before I posted it. It's been a while since the  previous session, but the next one is going to be happening on Saturday and Doc is planning for that to be the big finale, so it'll all end soon. SOON.

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