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[Actual Play] Marvel Heroic Roleplaying - X-Men: Last Class Vol 2., #4 Finale

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Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate

CONFIDENTIAL REPORT: Quesada Incident 2010-544545

Clearance Level: 9

Jenny Darkholme - Codename: EVERYWHERE #1

Alex Murphy – Codename(s): DRIFTER/WING ZERO
Blaine Burton - Codename: ANIMA
Chad Hudson - Codename: ROCKHEAD
Ericka Edwards - Codename: FACSIMILE
Jenny Everywhere - Codename: EVERYWHERE #2 (STEAM-GIRL)
Jenny Harris - Codename: EVERYWHERE #3 (TRAVELER)
Larry Luck - Codename: COLLECT
LMD-TEL054 - Codename: LAWRENCE
Megan McCloud - Codename: DISC
Kyle Steel - Codename: ADONIS
??? - Codename: MAYHEM

According to the testimony of EVERYWHERE, as Thanos' asteroid base was disintegrating, ROCKHEAD used his earth bending ability to hold the platform that their group was standing on together. Matters were apparently complicated by COLLECT who, having acquired a Red Lantern Corps ring, was overcome with rage and attempted to attack DISC. COLLECT was however pacified by his fellows, and the red power ring vanished from his person once he placed his hand in his pocket. Presumably the dimensional portal in that pocket returned the ring to its universe of origin.

It was at this point that EVERYWHERE's comrade, DRIFTER, who was presumed dead, reappeared having been inducted as a Star Knight, going by the name WING ZERO. WING ZERO informed the group that he was detecting a critical build-up of Darkhold energy and recommended that COLLECT find a way of deleting it, perhaps by sacrificing himself for the good of the group.

Before COLLECT could further attend to this matter though, ANIMA - another colleague of EVERYWHERE'S who was previously assumed dead - manifested from one of his dimensional pockets wearing a second Infinity Gauntlet fitted with the other two gems, demanding to know if the group knew where his daughter was. Though they were not aware of Beth Burton's whereabouts, and STEAM-GIRL was busy working with the rogue Life Model Decoy LAWRENCE to use his Infinity Gauntlet to try and safely teleport the group out of danger, COLLECT retrieved a copy of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy from one of his pockets and paid the subscription fee for it by using Mr Stark's credit card and determined that she was at the Nexus of All Realities. There were a number of ways listed for how to access the Nexus, one of which involved the Darkhold. STEAM-GIRL strongly - and quite wisely - suggested using an alternative method. As such, ANIMA and LAWRENCE (executed an epic high five) combined the powers of their Infinity Gauntlets to create a portal which thrust all of them into the Nexus.

They found themselves at the feet of Purple Man, Lady Deathstrike, Mister Sinister - who was confined to a wheelchair, seemingly catatonic as a result of an earlier encounter with ANIMA - Proteus, Man-Spider, Doctor Doom, Spot, and finally, the one who was apparently responsible for the entire multiversal crisis, a teenage Franklin Richards. ANIMA's daughter was seated in chair next to Mister Sinister.

The lights came on, revealing them to be in what appeared to be a coliseum - the Nexus of All Realities - filled with the fixed-grinned archivists. Above them, all of the Franklin Richards' abducted from other universes were suspended from an apparatus, presumably the engine designed to reconfigure the multiverse.

In response to mockery from COLLECT and EVERYWHERE - who was at this point manifesting a number of different personalities attained from absorbing the essence of all her expired parallel counterparts - Franklin Richards proceeded to outline his plan to destroy the multiverse a replace it with a new one, one where a 'young boy would never have to watch his parents die'. It seems he amassed power by using the Darkhold, which he then used to pursue his vision of a better reality.

Franklin attempted to sway ANIMA to his side, promising him a peaceful world where he could raise his daughter in safety. But in order for that to happen, he would have to kill EVERYWHERE, because as long as the guardians of the multiverse continued to exist, a memory of the realities that once were would remain, and could not be overwritten. ANIMA responded by summoning a skeletal T-Rex to attack Franklin and his allies.

EVERYWHERE provided a rather detailed account of the ensuing battle which is not relevant to this report. In summary though, Lady Deathstrike was knocked off the coliseum by DISC with the aid of the symbiote known as MAYHEM. MAYHEM also dealt with Man-Spider by chewing him up and spitting him off the coliseum. Mister Sinister did briefly recover from apparently being made to 'feel' by ANIMA - presumably with the use of the Infinity Gauntlet - but was still experiencing residual emotional response from the encounter, and turned on Purple Man after he ordered him to kill FACSIMILE, who was in kitten form at the time. Purple Man was also driven off the edge of the coliseum as FACSIMILE clawed at his eyes. Eventually, the only one remaining was Franklin Richards.

At this point ROCKHEAD started tearing apart the apparatus, but was called off by EVERYWHERE, who feared he would kill the captive Franklins. ANIMA then stepped in, joining his Infinity Gauntlet with LAWRENCE's, and told Franklin he was going to create a new world for him where his parents weren't dead, where he could exist without troubling the rest of the multiverse. Franklin protested that it wouldn't be real, and ANIMA and the others proceeded to argue that it was no different from what he planned to do to the rest of reality, except that it would only affect Franklin. 

As it seemed they were getting through to Franklin, Doctor Doom - who had been knocked out in the battle - approached from behind and told him not to listen, removing his mask to reveal himself as a scarred version of Reed Richards. ANIMA and the others continue to argue against this alternate version of Richards, eventually outing him as an imposter of Reed Richards as well. He then revealed himself to be the reality-warping entity known as Quesada.

Once his true identity was revealed, EVERYWHERE punched him hard in the face, while her counterpart, STEAM-GIRL, tripped him up from behind into a portal. It is believed that she sent him to Universe #52911, also known as the Land of Goats. We shouldn't be hearing from him again for some time.

With Quesada defeated, the multiverse was restored to its original state; all universes extinguished in the conflict have been revived, all alterations to the timelines have been corrected.

It was at this point that TRAVELER - yet another alternate version of EVERYWHERE and comrade of COLLECT - arrived with another version of Reed Richards. Apparently she had travelled the multiverse to bring him back so he could come up with a way of defeating the reality-destroying menace, but got side-tracked by some faeries, hence her late arrival.

Franklin Richards, free of Quesada's influence and remorseful of his actions, used the Nexus to send the group where they wanted to go. We have been able to determine their current whereabouts:
The symbiote MAYHEM asked to go 'into space' and now wanders the universe as a Star Knight. WING ZERO also left to resume his new duties as a Star Knight.

ROCKHEAD has been returned to the metal moon, where he continues his training with the earth-bending master Toph Beifong.

LAWRENCE asked to be sent to the Foundation universe.

COLLECT, with his newly acquired Hitchhiker's Guide, decided to go on a tour of the multiverse. He was accompanied by TRAVELER, who decided she needed to keep him out of trouble.

The rest of the group all returned to their home universe. 

EVERYWHERE, of course, returned to our universe, which is why we were able to debrief her. Due to the quantum instability created by recent events, EVERYWHERE has been advised not to use her teleportation powers to travel between universes for at least the next 5 years. She has been released into the care of the Xavier Institute, to help her learn to control her abilities, and flagged as a potential recruit when she graduates, though her history with the mutant known as Mystique is a cause for concern. She will, of course, be kept under observation for the time being.

- Commander Maria Hill


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