Saturday, June 1, 2013

The 'June 2013 Plan' - Week One and Beyond

It's been suggested to me that I should blog more often, and I think that's a good idea. Not that I haven't tried to be more active in my blogging before, but I'm gonna give it another shot for 2013. I thought I'd start with an overview of my creative plans for the month ahead, and a more focused look at the coming week. This is as much to fix the plans in my mind as it is me saying 'look at me and what I'm up to at the moment'. I'll try to be as brief and to the point as I can, starting right now:

The 'June 2013 Plan'
First off, as part of my committment to the "23 in '13 Challenge" I mentioned last week, I'm planning to write up two short stories. One of those will be original, the other may be a segment for a Doctor Who/Evangelion fanfiction that I've had in the works on and off since NaNo 2010. I'm conflicted as to whether to include the fanfic as part of the challenge or not, because I feel guilty about doing it in lieu of my own fictional works. In addition, I'll also be working on a couple of Playbooks for Mike Sands' Monster of the Week.

Hopefully I can get the first drafts of those done by the end of the month, at least. The playbooks will likely be lacking for artistic cover images though, until I can get someone to draw them for me.

I'll also be working on prep for a Doctor Who RPG campaign I'm planning to run at GUGS, though that'll be on the backburner until I can get myself a copy of the Time Traveller's Companion book to peruse for ideas and extra background material to work into the campaign. Hopefully I'll manage to acquire that sometime this month.

I also hope to be hosting a series of RPGs over Google+ and recording them for potential use in putting out an actual play podcast. That all hinges on how overwhelmed I feel by the three other projects already listed above.

'June 2013: Week 1'
By the end of this week, I plan to have the zero draft of my first short story done, and also have a fairly complete Playbook for Monster of the Week, either the Magical Girl, or the Writer. Probably the Writer, as I've been watching a lot of Castle lately, and that show is the main inspiration for the book. That said...I wonder if I should make it at least partly like Chuck from Supernatural. And no, in this case he's definitely not God. Probably not. Maybe. It would be somewhat unbalanced if he were, wouldn't it? I'll put the Magical Girl on hold until I've had myself a rewatch marathon of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Yes, it's gonna be THAT kind of Magical Girl.

As for blogging, I'll write up an Actual Play report of the Mountain Witch two-parter that we completed just this afternoon, and it'll either go live shortly after I've done it and given it a quick edit, or the day after, when I've had a bit more time to edit/finish it.
Later in the week, I'll post a brief recap of our Legend of the Five Rings game (if that's even possible at this stage, since it's been going for almost a year now), and then post an actual play report of the next session, if it happens this week. It may not be until next week. This is another of those things which is as much for my own personal reference as it is to give people something to read on the blog, though that's probably a bonus. Maybe?

That aside, there'll be an update at the end of the week to say what progress I've made with my various projects. I'll also try and think of other stuff to blog as the week progresses. At the very least, I should have a list of stuff to blog about by next week. Wheee!

In the meantime though, be excellent to each other and happy gaming/reading/viewing/writing/whatever-geekery-you-get-up-to! See you later!

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