Monday, August 5, 2013

[Roleplaying] DWAITAS: Clawdite and Silurian racial packages

So, with the Autumn semester a month and a half away, I've started making plans for my upcoming Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space campaign, hence the recent readthrough and review of The Time Traveller's Companion sourcebook.

So far I have two players already signed up, and both want to play aliens, so I've taken the liberty of writing up a couple of racial packages to fit the alien races they want to play.


An imported race from the Star Wars expanded universe which Heather is keen to play as. I've set the cost for the Shapeshift trait itself somewhere between the Major and Special versions in the book, since Clawdites can emulate different humanoid species but not all other species, and can't replicate specific people as the book's Special version allows. I added a Weakness trait to reflect the strain that shapeshifting puts on Clawdites, which can be invoked whenever it seems dramatically appropriate. I've also given a bonus to Resolve to reflect the mental discipline that their shapeshifting abilities require of them, and a -1 penalty to Presence as Clawdites are normally quiet and asocial types.

Attributes: Presence -1, Resolve +1
Traits: Alien [+2], Shapeshift (Special; can mimic other humanoid species, but requires concentration to hold form) [+3], Alien Appearance (Major) [-2], Weakness (Minor; Shapeshifting causes great physical discomfort) [-1]

Total Package Cost: 2 CP (or, optionally, 2 SP)


Luke will be playing as Solomon (aka Saul), a TMNT-inspired sewer-dwelling Silurian swashbuckler, so I've put together a racial template using the guidelines from the Aliens and Creatures sourcebook to help smoothen the character creation process for him.
(It was suggested that Armour be left out, as the player may not keep their Silurian armour, but - after reading the write-up for Silurians and the description of the Armour trait - I decided that the Armour trait was representing the Silurians' tough, scaly exterior rather than representing equipment, which was listed separately.)

Attributes: Awareness +1, Presence +1, Resolve +1, Strength +2

Traits: Alien [+2], Armour (5) [+1], Climbing (Minor) [+1], Environmental (Minor - Extreme Heat) [+1], Special - Tongue Attack [+3], Alien Appearance (Major) [-2], Weakness (Minor - Cold) [-1]

Total Package Cost: 10 (I figure this is a bit steep to pay solely in character points, so I'll allow it to be split; 5 CP/5 SP, or some other such arrangement)

Of course, it's up to them whether they want to use these packages as written, or if they'd prefer to modify them slightly, but they look pretty decent to me.

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