Wednesday, October 9, 2013

[Behind the Screen] DWAITAS: Exiles of Time - Meet the Exiles!

Last night was our group’s character creation session for my Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space campaign, ‘The Exiles of Time’.

Now that I have some idea about who the player characters are, I thought I’d post some short bios of them on here:

Aru [Surname Unknown] (Played by Clara O)
Aru is a mysterious young woman with no memory of her past. She’s fairly tall but stick figure thin, with large blue eyes and short spiky hair. She’s very shy and comes across as quite vulnerable, despite her obviously toned physique. For some reason she has a fear and distrust of men, and hates being alone with them. She wears a black bodysuit with bright blue inlays and around her waist is a chunky belt with a laser gun - which is stuck on the blue setting, stun only - holstered on it. Her goal is to find out more about her past.

Robyn Dalton (Played by Heather W)
A U.N.I.T. technical expert. File not yet declassified. (Heather still needs to work out her background and appearance. I'll update the post once her character's all fleshed out and stuff.)

Malik [aka Mal] (Played by Luke B)
Stories tell of a man who lives in the sewers beneath Cardiff, a man whose visage is too horrible to look upon.
The man in question is not actually a man at all, but a Silurian by the name of Malik who fell through the Cardiff Rift, along with his brother. His brother died shortly after they arrived, and Malik now lives in TMNT-style sewer pad. He is 6’11” tall, with brown eyes and hides his alien appearance beneath a hessian cowl, and has a cape to match.
Malik has a brash, devil-may-care attitude and can be argumentative, but he can also be charming at times as well. His goal is to find a time traveler and return to his own time period.

Pan (played by Maggie U)
Pan is the Leonardo DiVinci of Ancient Greece, a psychic and scholar who studied under Daedalus. He has an understanding of future science from precognitive visions, but no practical knowledge; he may understand how engines and combustion work, but cannot drive. He is tall, with messy brown hair and has a ‘mad scientist’ look about him. His goal is to attain more knowledge and pass it on.


And that’s my cast of characters for The Exiles of Time campaign. I already knew Heather and Luke beforehand, and Clara and Maggie seemed nice enough, so I’m looking forward to playing DWAiTAS with them.

Hopefully Luke will be willing to write up some actual play reports of the game to earn the group some extra story points each session, which means I’ll be free to use the Wednesday blog updates to focus on giving a bit of behind the scenes detail about each session.

I’ll be back with more next week, be seeing you!

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