Saturday, November 16, 2013

[Geekly + NaNoWriMo Weekly Report] The Week 2 Crash, Night of the Doctor and other stuff...

Wasn't expecting a lot of geekiness in this week's report, as there was no Doctor Who session on Tuesday due to the GUGS AGM, but I did manage to squeeze in some geeky activities nonetheless. I can also report that, as of Tuesday, I have been elected as GUGS's new RPG Convenor. So, yay me!

NaNoWriMo: Week 2
Gaaaaaaaah! It's week 2 and, as my fellow WriMos will know, week 2 is hell. Week 2 is the point where people tend to hit a wall and things start to slow down a bit as people hit what Chuck Wendig described as 'the mushy middle' of their story. In my case, it's less a case of reaching the midpoint, and more that I've wrapped up the first of the series of stories I was planning to write. And now I'm just trying to get started on the next story. Without having got around to planning it at all.

The only real way forward is just to write and keep writing, even if I'm not happy with what I'm putting down in Scrivener. At some point, hopefully, something will spark my imagination again and I'll be blazing a trail towards 50,000 words. At the moment though, finding words to type is like pulling teeth.

To be honest, I'm not doing too bad, word count wise. The official target for today is 26,666 words, and I'm sitting on 25,319 words. I just need to write another 1500 words to stay on par. As I'm writing this on Friday night, hopefully I'll have churned out another bunch of words by the time you read this and still be on track.

No new purchases this week, though I did start reading The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness. It's a young adult novel - but I don't let that stop me reading books, since YA can still appeal to older readers -  and the first book in the 'Chaos Walking' series. The story is set on New World, where - as we are told by the protagonist, Todd Hewitt - a 'germ' released by an indigenous alien race called the Spackles killed all the women and half the male population, and also left the surviving men with the ability to hear each others thoughts, which is referred to as Noise. Then, within a few chapters, Todd's life is turned upside down. He's forced to run from his town by his guardians for his own safety, and told that what he thinks he knows about the world - what he's been taught to believe - is false. So far, apart from the intentional misspelling of certain words - meant to reflect the protagonist's own lack of education - and the talking animals, it's looking like it'll be an interesting read.

Achievements Unlocked
Before the student politics got underway on Tuesday, we had another short game of The Resistance. I was one of the spies again - I hate being a spy - along with Martin, and we played with Heather, Lauren and another girl whose name I seem to have forgotten. The spies won, and I managed to maintain doubt as to whether I was a spy or not, so I guess I'm getting better at that. I still prefer being a loyal Resistance member and trying to deduce who the spies in the group actually are though.

On Thursday, there was a nice little surprise for Doctor Who fans in the latest minisode leading into the 50th anniversary special. It's probably been thoroughly spoiled by the internet already, but if you haven't seen it, or heard anything about it yet, then you should go to the BBC's Doctor Who website and check out The Night of the Doctor. Since the new cover image on the video itself now spoils this upfront, I might as well tell you that it features Paul McGann, reprising his role as the Eighth Doctor for the first time onscreen since his debut in the 1996 TV movie. That's all I'm saying though, go watch it to find out more.

Later that evening, we had our first meeting of the new GUGS committee, after which some of us sat down in Jim's Bar to play a game of Pandemic, which Heather had brought along with her. We actually won, though I'm not sure we didn't accidentally cheat a bit to get there. Also, we had the Quarantine Specialist - one of two new role cards for the 2nd edition - which has a really powerful role ability allowing the player to just sit on a city and say, 'No, no new disease cubes or Outbreaks here, or on connected cities. Not on my watch.' It seemed a little bit broken, to be honest. I really want to just sit down with the instruction booklet at some point and fully familiarize myself with the rules, to be sure we're playing it properly in future.

There was a new episode of Tabletop this week, so I watched that. This time Wil and friends were playing Takenoko, which is a quirky point-buying game about the emperor of Japan, the panda gifted to him as a gesture of peace by the Emperor of China, and the gardener who has to tend the Emperor's garden despite this huge monochrome furry beast roaming around and eating all the bamboo. I had to watch it twice before I got the gist of how the game works and, honestly, it's another one that hasn't really gripped me with a burning desire to buy it. However, I felt that way about Ticket to Ride as well, until I'd actually played it myself, so we'll see. If someone happens to have a copy at GUGS sometime, and I get a chance to play, maybe I'll change my mind. Right now, I'm just a bit meh about it.

Since I think it's unlikely I'll be able to hang out with Heather after GUGS tonight, I went ahead and watched the latest episode of Agents of SHIELD as it aired last night.
'The Hub' was both a character development piece - with Ward and Fitz teaming up on a top-secret op, allowing them a chance to interact a bit more - and sowing some more seeds of distrust regarding the larger SHIELD organisation. Coulson is now committed to finding out the truth about his revival after the Battle of New York, and he and May are going to look into what really happened to Skye's parents, so I'm hopeful that there's going to be some more arc progression from here on.

That's all for now, I'll be setting off shortly to go and run my Monster of the Week playtest one-shot, so hopefully that'll finally happen this weekend. See you later!

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