Sunday, November 10, 2013

[Geekly + NaNoWriMo Weekly Report] NaNoWriMo Week 1, Pandemic and other stuff...

I'm a bit later with this report than I intended, but here's how the last week and a bit have gone.

NaNoWriMo: Week 1
As of about 6pm today, I have reached 21,534 words, so I'm already well over a third of the way towards the month's goal. I've just about finished writing the first 'episode' of the story. Some aspects of what I've written will definitely need fixing in a rewrite. There need to be a few more complications than I've included so far. And one of the scenes will need to be altered to leave things more ambiguous, so that it can be resolved in the next one. I haven't plotted out the next episode yet, so I'm going to need to figure things out as I go.

Now that I'm ahead on my word count, I'm going to try writing at a reduced pace for the rest of the month: 2000 words a day, perhaps pushing it to 3000 words on Mondays and Fridays to make up for reduced word counts on Tuesday. It's going to be tricky, since I don't have the next part of the story outlined, but I'll keep at it and just work out the story as I go.

Pandemic arrived on Tuesday (coincidentally the very same day I started suffering from a bit of a cold), so I took it into GUGS with me, where Heather Williams and I did a quick unboxing to check that all of the pieces were accounted for. Apart from having one more research station than the instruction book said there should be, everything seemed to be in order, so I have now placed the box in Heather's care until such time as I reach the 50,000 word goal for NaNoWriMo.

Achievements Unlocked
On Saturday 2nd, we did character creation for the Monster of the Week one-shot I've been intending to run for a while now. It took longer than I expected, so by the time we were done, there were only a couple of hours of Saturday GUGS left, so we opted to play some board/card games and play the one-shot next week.

So, instead of playing MotW, we played some more Chez Greek - and I now realise that it's called Chez Greek because it's about university students living in fraternity/sorority houses - and then we had another game of Settlers of Catan, complete with obligatory innuendo jokes about 'getting wood'. I'd definitely like to give the Star Trek version a try, and may put that at the top of my 'As Seen on Tabletop' list on Amazon.

You may have noticed there was no GM report about Tuesday's DWAiTAS session. That's partly because I've been hard at work keeping my word count above par, but also because I haven't really had much to report in the previous entries other than grumble over what I felt went wrong with them. So, instead I'll be doing GM reports if and when a particular session raises an interesting topic related to GMing games.

That said, Tuesday's session went okay. The Exiles managed to rebuild the Dimensional Pathfinder, and figured out that they could close off the tear that let the Shattering infiltrate the mirror dimension and send them back into the Void in one swift move. But to do so, they had to widen the tear, so that everything that had been exposed to the background radiation of the Void would be sucked back through. Which would include most of them, because their stay in the Liminus had exposed them to the Void radiation. The only two who could safely carry out the task were Aru (who, as far as the PCs know, has never been through the Void) and the Daughter of Blood (who had wandered off somewhere).

Unfortunately Aru's player was absent with the flu and the others didn't want to take such a risk with her character without her consent. Using the PA system the Exiles call out to Daughter of Mine, asking her for her help in closing the tear in exchange for putting in a good word for her with the Doctor when they find him. After fleeing the sentient crack as it chases them through the mirror dimension, they rendezvous with Daughter of Mine and give her the Dimensional Pathfinder (having rigged it to cease functioning after she's used it to seal the breach). She agrees to stay behind and seal the breach, and they head back to their own dimension where Captain Baker of UNIT greets them, noting that the real scientific advisor has arrived. A few minutes later the cracks visible on their side recede, and there's a flash of light. As the situation seems to be contained thanks to the Exiles, Baker decides he'll look the other way. This time.

Before leaving, Robyn is reunited with her old friend Malcolm Taylor, who happens to be the scientific advisor brought in by UNIT. Except...he doesn't recognise her. And it's not because they haven't met yet - she knows they would be working together on a top secret project at this point in time - and Aru is able to tell with her psychic abilities that his memory hasn't been tampered with. So what gives? And, as they're leaving in the TARDIS, Pan has a vision of herself apparently fighting to the death against Malik. There was another thing that happened, but that was between Malik's player and myself. Suffice to say, character arcs are starting to emerge now, so yay!

Then yesterday was Saturday GUGS again, and as I mentioned I had been planning to run my one-shot of Monster of the Week, but one of the players was taken ill and I felt it wouldn't be fair on him to run without him, since they'd all made characters together the week before. So it was more of the same this Saturday, playing Chez Greek, Cthulhu Fluxx and Monty Python Fluxx. We also played a bit of Liar's Dice. After GUGS, Heather and I played a short two-player game of Pandemic, which ended badly for us when the outbreak counter reached the maximum.

We also watched the last couple of episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and there's been a bit more development on the main season arc as well as Skye's character arc. I was also really concerned that one of the main characters who I've grown to like was going to die; despite Joss Whedon not being as involved in the creative process, I still expected his usual habit of killing off loveable characters to surface. I suppose the fact that I was worried about the fate of one of the main characters means I'm now invested in the series, despite earlier misgivings.

We also watched up to episode 21 of Attack On Titan which once again demonstrated its ability to keep us hooked with cliffhanger after cliffhanger, as well as its trend for introducing likeable characters before brutally killing them off. I did feel the assumptions the military and Armin make about the intelligent Titans were a bit of a leap; sure, they're saying what the audience is thinking, but would the characters jump to those conclusions as well? I'm not so sure. Despite that though, I am still enjoying the series. Episode 21 ended on a nasty cliffhanger, but we had to stop there because we were falling asleep on the couch. So, I'll just have to wait until our next TV/film night to see what happens next.

So that's everything that I've been up to since the start of the month, I'll try and be on time with the update next time. See you later!

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