Tuesday, December 3, 2013

[RPG Adventure Hooks] 1d4 Christmas Scenarios

As it is the time of the year when we all pay tribute to the gods of retail celebrate Christmas, I thought I'd post a few Christmas-themed plot seeds for some of the games I have on my shelf. Feel free to use them with the games listed, or adapt them to a different setting as needed.

Spoiler Warning: GUGS members may not wish to read these, as I may use one of them if called upon to run an extra one-shot at our upcoming Christmas Party this Saturday (December 7th). You have been warned.

Ashen Stars: Big Troble on Lapworld
Lapworld, a Synthculture world based on the old Earth tradition of Christmas, dedicated to keeping this ancient holiday alive for the people of the Bleed, but there's trouble afoot. Someone has been sabotaging the production line, threatening the shipment of toys to their offworld subsidiaries.
With an overworked population of 'elves' - some of whom may be genetically-engineered, some who may be down-on-their-luck Durugh or Vas Mal - threatening to form a union, a loveless marriage between the incumbent Mr and Mrs Claus, and the twisted ambitions of their adopted elf son Morty, who could be to blame for the troubles?

Kuro: Naughty or Nice
A serial killer in the guise of a Doreamon-faced Santa Claus is stalking the streets of Shin-Edo, killing people who have been 'naughty' in some way or other, leaving four lumps of coal as his or her calling card. It could be a droid gone rogue, or a disgruntled Tengu on a rampage. One way or another, someone's got to put a stop to it.

Monster of the Week: Look Out, Look Out! Jack Frost Is About!
A small-town community is terrorised by a creepy frost-bitten child who freezes anyone he touches, and can turn people into ice zombies. The only warning of his approach is his constant singing or humming of the rhyme 'Look Out Look Out! Jack Frost Is About!'...

Spirit of the Century: Christmas Time
Doctor Methuselah has laid siege to the North Pole and taken Santa Claus hostage, seeking clues to the Eternity Equation which he believes Santa possesses. After all, how else can he deliver toys to all the children in the world in one night, if not by mastering time itself? Can the Century Club retake the North Pole and rescue Santa?

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