Tuesday, December 17, 2013

[RPG News] Timewatch RPG: Kickstarter Coming Soon!

TimeWatch is the latest game to use Pelgrane Press's Gumshoe system; players take on the roles of TimeWatch agents policing the timeline, investigating cases of temporal sabotage and working to set things right.

I'm a big fan of the Gumshoe system, even though I haven't yet had an opportunity to play or run it. However, I think I can make use of this new iteration as a 'Series B' to my DWAiTAS game, drifting the setting to the Whoniverse and having players as agents of the Temporal Security Agency.

The Kickstarter campaign hasn't started yet, but I'm definitely going to chip in when it does. I won't be looking to run the spin-off campaign until summer at the earliest, so hopefully (assuming the Kickstarter campaign is successful) backers will at least have the PDF by then. If not, it still sounds pretty cool anyway, so I'll back it regardless of whether its release schedule ties in with my own GMing plans.

If you're a fan of investigative RP and time travel, I recommend you join the mailing list linked at the bottom of Pelgrane Press's blog post about the game (linked above) to find out when the Kickstarter goes live.


  1. I assume it's not an un line RPG like World of Warcraft or Lord of The Rings?

    1. If you mean online RPGs then nope, it's a pen and paper RPG.