Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Plan: December 2013

Although NaNoWriMo is now finished, I'll be continuing to work on the NaNoWriMo project and aiming to get an episode's worth of the fanfic done every couple of months, while getting some work done on my own original projects. I'll also be aiming to return to a more regular blogging schedule now that I don't have a 2000 word-per-day quota to fill. Hopefully, I should have the first draft of episode three finished by the end of this month.

On Mondays, I'll be doing actual play reports of Saturday GUGS roleplaying sessions, though with GUGS stopping for Christmas soon there probably won't be a whole lot of roleplaying to report.
For Tuesdays this month I'm going to be posting some RPG plot seeds, starting with some Christmas-themed one-shot ideas and then moving on to a three-part series: '36 Doctor Who episodes based on Radiohead Song Titles'.
On Wednesdays I'll post some thoughts on GMing as inspiration for GMing topics comes to me. My DWAiTAS campaign should be wrapping up for the Christmas holidays soon, so once I'm finished with that, I'll have a look back at how the campaign has gone so far and what I could do to improve the next 'season'.
Thursdays will still be general posts, maybe about RPGs, maybe about writing, or maybe reviews or something else entirely. I already know I want to post a review of Short Order Heroes, having received my Kickstarter backer's copy this week.
I'll reserve Fridays for posting flash fics or chatting about writing in general.
And I'll be continuing with the Geekly Weekly Reports, but I'll be posting them on Saturdays, rather than Sundays, as I'll need Sundays to get started on batches of blog posts for each week.
As we move on into the New Year, I'll finish off with a look back at the past year and a look ahead at what my goals and wishes are for the coming year, and what I'm excited about for 2014.

So, that's the Plan for the month ahead. I'll be back tomorrow with an actual play report of my playtest for Mike Sands' Monster of the Week scenario, 'The Meddling Kids in...Too Many Draculas'.

See you later!

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