Thursday, January 2, 2014

Geekolutions for 2014!

Geek and Sundry posted this video a couple of weeks back, where a bunch of their vloggers and the cast of one of their upcoming series talk about what kind of geeky stuff they want to get up to in the New Year.

I posted one geekolution on Twitter via the #geekolution hashtag, but one doesn't seem like enough. So here's a list of ten.

1. Play through and finish the Mass Effect trilogy.
I've had Mass Effect 3 for about a year now, but I haven't played it yet because I wanted to play through the first two again with a new Shepard, Jenny, who I've modelled on the new default Femshep look in ME3. I want to make that happen this year.

2. Finish reading the Wheel of Time series.
I read the first four books last year, and I want to finish the series this year. I may be investing in an Audible account this year, and if I do I'll be using my credits to make my way through the books a bit quicker than I can manage just by reading.

3. Play one-shots/short-campaigns of the RPGs I've amassed in the past two years.
I've bought a fair few games in the past two or three years and played about...10% of them? Possibly less? Anyway, I want to get around to playing some more of them this year. Here's the shortlist (in no particular order): Short Order Heroes, Misspent Youth, Kuro, Gumshoe (probably Ashen Stars or Timewatch), Technoir, Rocket Age, Grey Ranks, Shock: Social Science Fiction, Apocalypse World, Hillfolk, and Mortal Coil. (Also Tears of a Machine, but backer copies haven't been released yet.)

4. Play more board games.
I've developed an appetite for board gaming in the past year or two (partly thanks to Tabletop) and I'm hoping to experience a variety of different games this year that I haven't played before, such as: Coup, Resistance: Avalon, Power Grid, Space Alert, Space Cadets, Takenoko, Unspeakable Words (plus most, but not all, of the games that have been on Tabletop), and Firefly: The Board Game.

5. Read all of the Sword & Laser picks for this year.
I discovered Sword & Laser late in 2012, but I haven't really been following their book picks. This year though, I intend to read all of their picks for 2014 and join in on the discussion board on their Goodreads group.

6. Read more non-fiction.
A lot of my reading for the past year has been either fiction or writing advice books, but I want to try and read some more non-fiction this year. Reading more non-fiction will help broaden my general knowledge which I might be able to use in my writing. Or at the very least it might come in handy at a pub quiz.

7. Watch my unwatched DVD collection.
Let's see, what have we got here...Fringe season three, Band of Brothers, Grimm season one, Spooks series 4 & 5, Quantum Leap season two, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood volume one, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 1st GiG, Smallville season two, both series of Rebus (Ken Stott), all of Spaced and Coupling. Yeah. That's a loooot of stuff that I still haven't watched.

8. Catch up on some of my favourite TV shows.
As if the previous list wasn't enough, I also need to catch up with 24 (seasons 5+), Eureka (seasons 3+), Fringe (seasons 4+), Lost Girl (seasons 2+), Once Upon A Time (season 2), Supernatural (seasons 8+), Veronica Mars (seasons 2+), Warehouse 13 (seasons 4.5+). I also want to catch up with Game of Thrones (seasons 2+) and The Walking Dead (seasons 2+).

9. Get into Magic the Gathering.
I've wanted to build a Magic deck for a while, but the problem isn't so much building a deck as maintaining it and keeping it current. I'm not sure I've got the income to make a proper hobby of it, but I'm willing to give it a try at least.

10. Continue running my Doctor Who: Adventures in Time And Space campaign until December.
I originally only planned to run for a couple of semesters, but when I realised I needed a bit of a longer campaign to carry the ongoing storyline, I decided to extend it until at least the end of 2014. So I'll be running 'season two' during the Winter-Spring 2014 academic term, and 'season three' in the Autumn-Winter term, instead of just running two short seasons during the Winter-Spring term. After that...well, we'll see how things go. I may or may not be up for running for another semester, or I may want a change of game.

And those are all of my Geekolutions for 2014. Tomorrow: Creative Projects for 2014.

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