Saturday, January 11, 2014

[Weekly Geeky Report] Dredd, Takenoko and other stuff...

This is going to be a pretty short Geeky Report, since there hasn't been much going on this week because a) I've been feeling pretty under the weather again, and b) GUGS still hasn't started up again. But here's what little there is to report.

I used some of my remaining Christmas money to order a copy of Takenoko. I know I said before that I wasn't all that enthralled by Takenoko when it was first shown on Tabletop, but I've since rewatched the episode and - after I actually got how the game is supposed to work - I changed my mind and decided it looks like fun. Also, I said the same thing before about Ticket To Ride, which is a similar sort of game, and I wound up having a really great time playing it.

I also redeemed my NaNoWriMo winner's voucher and downloaded a copy of Aeon Timeline, which is a software tool for creative types to build, well, timelines. I have at least one long-term worldbuilding project I'll probably make use of it for, based on a sci-fi setting I used for a Traveller campaign I ran a while back which I want to expand upon. Other than that...I just thought it sounded cool and might come in handy. ^_^;

Achievements Unlocked
On Monday night James hosted a film night at his place. I could only stay for two films before I had to catch the train home, but what we did watch was Batman Returns and Dredd. I hadn't watched Batman Returns since my teens, so watching it again was entertaining for a whole different bunch of reasons than it was when I was a kid. It was cheesy, over-the-top, and - as one would expect from Tim Burton - gothic and just a bit insane. Also, Danny Devito's performance as the Penguin was much creepier watching this time round, because I actually got the innuendo in his dialogue that flew right over teenage me's head. That said, the Penguin's many puns are terrible, so this is certainly not Devito at his comedy best, but he does make an utterly repugnant villain of the Penguin.

Dredd was pretty awesome. I was a little skeptical at first, because the streets of Megacity One did not look 'Megacity' enough for me. In comparison to the portrayal of the city in the Stallone movie, Dredd's Megacity One feels too sparse, with towering arcologies seperated wide apart by lower level slum housing. But once the film moves inside Peach Trees, it starts to look a bit more as you'd expect. Karl Urban nails the role of Dredd; tough, uncompromising and totally badass. The movie itself is also much bloodier and grittier than the Stallone film, which is how Judge Dredd should be. I also loved Olivia Thirby as Anderson, and Lena Headey is cold-blooded and ruthless as lead villain, MaMa. It also had a pulse-pounding score that I'll probably buy on iTunes at some point. I haven't read Judge Dredd since my teens, but seeing this movie makes me want to go back and start reading again.

While I was at James' he also showed me Saint's Row IV on his PC. I've never really played the Saint's Row series of games, but after watching James demonstrate the gameplay of this one, I'm kinda tempted to get it for the Xbox 360. But that'll have to wait until I have some cash to burn.

Takenoko arrived on Tuesday, so I unboxed it and convinced my mum to sit down and play a game of it with me. It took a while for mum to get the hang of it - and I did need to check the rules myself every now and then - but once we got into the swing of things, it was pretty fun. I'll post a more detailed review after I've had more opportunities to play it.

I also finished Ready Player One by Ernest Cline on Thursday, and I enjoyed it so much I gave it 5 stars on Goodreads. I'll try and write up a proper review by next Sunday, and I'll try and keep the book reviews coming on a weekly basis after that.

So, that's all that's been happening this past week. GUGS is starting back on the 14th, so hopefully I'll be getting up to more stuff once it starts up again. See you later!

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