Sunday, February 2, 2014

[Announcement] Getting My Priorities in Order

First thing's first: I said I'd do book reviews on Sundays and I haven't been. The reason for that is that I've been scheduling reviews for books that I finished reading weeks ago already. Why is that a problem? Because it is easier (at least for me, I don't know if it's the same for others or not) to review a book when you've just finished it and everything you loved and/or hated about is still fresh in your mind. Whereas by now I've moved on to another book and have actually read about three books since finishing the first title on my book review list (Ready Player One by Ernest Cline). Also, to be honest, I haven't been reading books from an analytical point of view. So I won't be reviewing those books now. At some point I will probably reread Ready Player One (because I absolutely loved it), and I'll try and do so with an eye (or ear, in the case of audiobooks) towards reviewing them. If, in my future reading, I feel like writing a book review, then I will do so, but I'm not going to treat it as an obligation.

Which brings me to the true purpose of this announcement. I'm going to focus less on blogging in order to concentrate more on my personal writing projects. Because I've found that I've been sitting down to write posts for the blog, and my blog writing time ends up bleeding over into my actual writing time because I'm trying to get posts done in time to publish them by a certain date/time. And that's not good. My priority as far as writing goes has to be getting my novels and short stories done, so I'm going to focus more on those.

I'll still post on the blog to share actual play reports from my campaign, or when I have a topic I'm interested in discussing or something I really want to share, but I'm going to devote the majority of my daily writing time to getting my own projects done. Anything that goes up on here, will be stuff I write up during my downtime. It's not that I'm going to stop blogging, it's just that I'm not going to be treating it like a job for the time being. I'll be less regular, but I'll still be around. 

So, I'll see you later folks.

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