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[Character Report] Hoshino Kazuo (Timewatch)

This was one of several character ideas I considered for Timewatch before settling on Kevin for the Team Indigo campaign. The initial concept was basically a Kenshin Himura expy, but I tweaked the background to make him sufficiently different from Kenshin. The end result is a character based a little bit more on Miyamoto Musashi, and also on Fitz from the Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb.

In the end, I opted not to use him for Team Indigo, but I may use the character concept in a later Timewatch game, perhaps if I get to play in one of Stephanie Bryant's ocassional one shots.

Hoshino Kazuo

Takeru Sato as Hoshino Kazuo
(Image used without permission.
No rights to the photo are claimed by this blogger.)

Of small, slender build and with a youthful, feminine visage, Kazuo has mid-back length red-brown hair tied in a thick ponytail. His hair is thick and abundant, with all of the shorter frontal hairs falling across his face as bangs rather than being in the ponytail at the nape of his neck.


Origin Time: 1868
Former Profession: Assassin
Drive: Atonement
As an illegitimate child, Kazuo was unacknowledged by his father, and mostly ignored by the household. He was nonetheless trained in the art of swordsmanship by his uncle and showed great skill for which he was praised. He trained hard, and became the best swordsman he could, hoping one day to prove his worth to his father.

Kazuo's skills did eventually get him noticed, and his father sought to make the most of his skills, and recruited him as his personal assassin. At first, Kazuo was happy enough to have a place in his father’s household, a purpose. The first few kills were hard, but he learned to shut off his emotions and simply perform his duty. He acted in this capacity during the bakumatsu, killing pro-western idealists on his father’s orders.

But he was never anything more than a tool to his father, and a tool may be discarded if it is no longer needed. When that day arrived, for reasons unknown to Kazuo, his father sent other assassins to kill him.

Kazuo discovered that he was not willing to die, not even for his father's sake. He escaped his attackers and fled, gravely wounded.

He was found and tended to by a kind woman named Tomoko and her son, Emori. When his father’s assassins came for him, he could not protect them both. Tomoko was killed, but he saved Emori. He ran away from Kazuo afterwards, blaming him for his mother’s death.

After that, he travelled alone for a time, until he was approached by a strange woman who knew entirely too much about him. She told him about Timewatch, and offered him a chance to make up for the harm he had caused in blind obedience to his father. He didn’t accept right away, but eventually he decided there was little left for him in his home timeline and vanished from history to forge a new path for himself...


Soft-spoken, serene, humble, selfless and polite. Kazuo doesn't hesitate to put himself in the path of harm to shield those around him and often attempts to diffuse contentious situations with soft, calming words and a somewhat clownish personality involving feigned clumsiness. Those who underestimate him for his peaceful demeanor do so at their peril, however. When forced into conflict or sufficiently angered, he displays an intense and fearsome determination. He will preserve life where possible, but will kill if no other option remains.
His preference for peaceful resolutions come both from his failure to protect Tomoko, and having grown weary of the constant bloodshed that dominated his life since he achieved manhood. His selfless and self-sacrificing nature comes from feelings of low self-worth, having been discarded by his father for unknown reasons.


Chronal Stability 8
Health 10

General: Athletics 8, Disguise 3, Medic 3, Preparedness 3, Reality Anchor 3, Scuffling 10, Shooting 5, Unobtrusiveness 6, Vehicles 3.

Academic: History (Ancient) 1, Military Tactics 2, Timecraft 1

Interpersonal: Charm 2, Falsehood Detection 1, Intimidation 2, Reassurance 1, Streetwise 1, Taunt 1.

Technical: Medical Expertise 1, Notice 1, Outdoor Survival 2, Paradox Prevention 1.

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