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[Character Report] Kevin Ryback (Timewatch)

What follows is a write-up of my character from Jae Campbell's Timewatch: Team Indigo campaign, which runs about once every month or so. You can find notes on the campaign at Jae's Wordpress blog, and you can find APs of our first couple of session over on
Demo Session: Session 00
Session 1: Session 01, Session 02

More APs will be up as soon as I've had a chance to sit down and edit them to try and make them more listener-friendly. Since there's a chance my fellow players from the campaign will read this blog, I've put my character's secret background info at the very end of the post, so they'll be able to just stop reading when they reach that point. And now, let me introduce you to...

Asa Butterfield as Kevin Ryback
(Image used without permission.
No rights to the photo are claimed
 by this blogger.)

Kevin Ryback (aka L0K1)


Kevin is a thin, pale-skinned boy aged seventeen, with elven good looks, wavy raven-black hair and bright blue eyes. He's usually wearing a zip-front hoodie and occasionally wears beanie hat to hide his unruly mop of hair. He also constantly wears a pair of headphones which hang around his neck when he's not listening to his music player (which always looks appropriate to whatever time period he's in, unless there's no portable music devices in that era).


Origin Time: 1989
Former Profession: Bedroom Coder
Drive: Nowhere Else to Go
Kevin was a talented bedroom coder of the late 80s, doomed to an early demise courtesy of a drunk driver. Just another statistic. Except, when a mysterious rescuer intervened, his life was spared and time took on a new course. In the alternate future that resulted from his survival, Kevin went on to design a revolutionary piece of software a few years later: the first fully self-aware artificial intelligence. And, with its imperfect ethical programming, the intelligence known as ERIS would deem humanity too self-destructive to be left to their own devices, and decided to enslave them for their own good.
Timewatch stepped in to investigate the cause of the temporal disturbance and soon realised that Kevin was supposed to die. Rather than actually kill him, they faked his suicide by knocking him out, mem-tagging him and switching his body with a vat-grown, braindead clone.
This left Kevin without a life to return to, so he was offered a job and a new home with Timewatch. Though he does have occasional bouts of homesickness, he has taken to his new role with a playful sense of enthusiasm.


He approaches most situations with deadpan snark that masks any fear or insecurity he might actually be experiencing, a behaviour he picked up as a defence mechanism due to bullying at school and a lack of parental understanding at home.

Kevin is good with tech, and he knows it, and likes to show off his knowledge and expertise when he can, projecting an air of confidence which borders on arrogance. This is really just a front though, as - like many who have suffered bullying by their peers - he's quite insecure and puts on a show to convince himself of his own worth, as much as for other peoples' benefit.

His 'death' and the circumstances surrounding it have cast a shadow over his life that he seeks to dispel. He will do whatever it takes to accomplish missions and prove himself as a worthy agent of Timewatch and atone for his would-be part in a future technopocalypse ruled over by the sentient AI, ERIS. As such, he is almost fanatically devoted to Timewatch, and the lengths he will go to to protect the timeline sometimes shock even his own teammates.


(Note: These stats represent Kevin as he was at the beginning of the campaign, and don't include any of the additional ability ratings added later with additional build points earned from experience.)

Chronal Stability 8
Health 8

General: Athletics 4, Burglary 4, Disguise 3, Preparedness 6, Reality Anchor 4, Scuffling 3, Shooting 5, Tinkering 9, Unobtrusiveness 4, Vehicles 4

Academic: History (Contemporary) 1, History (Future) 1, Research 1, Timecraft 1

Interpersonal: Bureaucracy 1, Charm 1, Falsehood Detection 1, Intimidation 1, Reassurance 1, Taunt 1

Technical: Forgery 1, Hacking 2, Notice 1, Paradox Prevention 1, Science! 1, Spying 1


Note: Players from my game (James, Ian, Michael and Michael) should stop reading now, unless they don't mind reading SPOILERS.)

Kevin had already written up the code for the AI which would later evolve into ERIS when Timewatch recruited him. They found the data and there was some debate about whether to destroy it, as some felt this could be considered murder.

It was eventually decided that the AI should be modified with Asimov Inhibition Protocols and kept under constant supervision. Kevin volunteered for the job, seeing it as his responsibility as the AI's creator to be the one who pulls the plug if it becomes necessary. As such, the AI has been redesignated as ALIS, and installed as the control AI for his tether.

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