Thursday, June 12, 2014

[Kickstarter Alert] Primetime Adventures 3rd Ed (ALREADY FUNDED!)

One of the many games I've bought and am yet to play is Primetime Adventures. Actually, that's a lie, I did start a campaign of Primetime Adventures over IRC a while back, but I had to shelve it due to spending some time in hospital. I've been meaning to run something else with it for a while, but I've been holding off on it because there had been news circulating about Matt Wilson working on getting a new edition out.

Well, after a long wait for news about it, it seems it is now mostly done, and a Kickstarter has been launched to get it published in print. For those who are familiar with the game, it should be no surprise that this new edition of what is a fairly popular indie RPG got 100% funded within 24 hours of the campaign going live.

Those unfamiliar will possibly be asking: what is Primetime Adventures? Well, I could be lazy and just link the video to let the creator explain, but I feel like typing a bit longer, so I'll take a shot at describing it myself.

Primetime Adventures is a game where you and your players essentially create your own TV show. The first session is the 'Pitch' where you (as Producer) and the players (as the creative team) get together and discuss what kind of show you want to make. Once that's been sorted out, the players make up the cast of that show as Protagonists who they will play as characters. Each session thereafter is an episode of the show, and (in the previous edition, at least) play lasts for a 'season' of 5 or 11 episodes. During episodes, characters will come into conflict, which is usually more about dramatic stakes like, for example maintaining a normal relationship as a vampire slayer rather than the actual slaying. The conflict is resolved with cards, and you'll be allowed to draw a number of cards equal to your character's 'screen presence' (which is assigned for each episode at the start of the season, and determines which episodes are the characters' 'spotlight episodes') and can get extra cards to play by using your character's traits, or by spending fan mail which is earned by impressing the audience (i.e. the other players).

It's a really cool game and I wish I'd had more chance to play before now. And now that the new edition is coming out, I'm looking forward to trying it out again when it's released.

As mentioned, it's already funded. There may be stretch goals on the cards, given how early the Kickstarter reached its funding goal, but if you're just interested in backing and securing yourself the PDF and print editions (higher backer levels also get custom playing card decks and a composed theme song for the series they'd like to play), you can find the kickstarter here:

I've already backed the project myself (despite wanting to save my money for the Firefly RPG when it comes out in print), and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product. Should be fun.

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