Thursday, July 31, 2014

Camp NaNoWriMo Wrap Up and The Plan: August 2014

As I'm writing this post, there are roughly 14 hours remaining until the end of Camp NaNoWriMo for July 2014. So far, I've got an estimated total word count for the month of 20,610 words, which is almost (but not quite) halfway to the 50,000 word finish line. No point in validating my word count, since I'm not going to 'win' anyway, but I'm happy enough with the progress I've made this month.

Episode 1 of my Doctor Who/Evangelion fanfiction is done, all that remains is to wait for feedback on it from my beta readers and then make any revisions needed based on the feedback I get. The outline for Episode 2 isn't quite finished yet - I've only really done the first act of it so far - but it shouldn't take me too long to wrap that up, then I'll be ready to write up the actual prose.

For the coming month of August, I'm going to start working on original projects again. I've all but abandoned my hope of consistently writing and posting an 'episode' of the Doctor Who/Evangelion fanfic each month. Besides having to wait for feedback and rewrite the episodes before posting, I can't really justify neglecting my original projects to spend the time it would take to write an episode of fanfic each month. So, as of tomorrow, I'll be going back to my alternating writing schedule: three days original fiction work, two/three days fanfic work, and one/two days flash fic work over weekends.

All of that is in addition to trying to maintain a regular flow of content here on the blog. I still haven't quite managed to build up the buffer of content I had hoped to create to keep the blog active despite any creative barriers or real life interruptions I might encounter. I'd probably need a good two or three days (if not a whole week) of solid blog writing to build up a suitable buffer, and I just haven't had that much time to dedicate purely to blogging of late.

Next month, I'm going to work on outlining for an original novel project. Maybe I'll go back to my Dream Detective concept which I'm determined to get done, or maybe I'll work on something else. I'll start brainstorming ideas for it tomorrow. I may give the 90 Day Novel method another try starting from tomorrow, but if I do that, I'll not be leaving myself much time to plan ahead for NaNoWriMo in November. That said, I already have some thoughts about doing a Gumshoe hack for NaGaDeMon and making that my entry as a NaNo Rebel as well.

Besides my writing projects, I also intend to start running monthly one-shots from next month onwards - with September being the exception, as I'll need to run two one-shots for GUGS in the first couple weeks of term - and I'm thinking about running Fate Core for it, using the Venture City Stories setting. I'm not going to think about that just yet - I'm still taking time out from GM stuff to recharge - but it's on my radar for the month ahead. I'll also write up a review of Fate Core and the Venture City Stories supplement once I've read through them and run the session.

I'm also going to try and get the Doctor Who: The SOS Files Storium game up and running sometime next month. I'm currently in the process of building up the 'world' for it, but I still need to figure out a suitable starting point for the story.

That's all for now. Tomorrow, it's likely I'll be posting a Youtube link to a session of Viewscream, which I should be playing in tonight. Viewscream is a VARP (Video Augmented Role Playing) game, designed specifically to be played over video-chat. Four of us will play as crewmembers aboard a damaged spaceship, cut off from one another in different areas of the ship and only able to communicate via the ship's communications system. Our characters will have conflicting personalities, dark secrets and may undergo transformations in play, and we'll all have problems which require the assistance of other crewmembers to resolve. It's very likely that at least one of the crewmembers will die. We'll be playing the first adventure in the book - Black Widow, Brown Recluse - and I'll be taking on the role of Bridge, who handles scene framing, which pretty much means I'll need to be on the ball throughout the session. Wish us luck.

I'll also be posting my thoughts on the Storium beta after my first month of participating on the site, so stay tuned for that.

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