Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Primetime Adventures: Last 24 hours on Kickstarter and some series pitches

It's the final 24 hours of the Primetime Adventures Kickstarter campaign, and it's done well so far, having reached about 500% of its funding goal.
There's not much on offer in the way of stretch goals, though Matt Wilson has said he'll be recruiting some of his peers to put together a variety of 'series kits'; pre-built series premises with casts of characters, sets, issues, story arcs and so on for groups to use if they're stuck for ideas and just want to jump straight in.

I was going to put together my own list of series pitches for today's post, but I realised that the ones I was coming up with were all from ideas I might use for my own future writing projects.

Still, here's a few more derivative series ideas I would love to try out using Primetime Adventures:

Arkham High/Miskies: My first (and so far, only) attempt at running Primetime Adventures was a Buffy-esque high school urban fantasy based in HP Lovecraft's fictional town of Arkham. It was to follow the adventures of a group of teenagers as they ran afoul of the Mythos while dealing with all the usual teen angst. Given that it involved teenagers, the series was going to be more Lovecraft Lite than full-on cosmic horror. If it had continued for two or three seasons, some of the characters would move on to Miskatonic University, and the series would be rebranded Miskies to reflect their new situation. Unfortunately, health issues forced me to put the series on hiatus only two episodes into the season, and I lost touch with the group shortly afterwards. If I can, though, I'd like to revisit the series concept with another group.

Plurality: I mentioned this before, as a possible campaign idea for Timewatch, but it would work just as well as a Primetime Adventures series. The series would continue the story from the short film by Dennis Liu that it is based on, following a group of people who have found themselves detained and interrogated by the increasingly dystopian authorities because they appear to have been in two places at once. Inspector Foucault and Alana Winston might be among the cast of characters, in addition to some new ones, as they attempt to figure out the agenda of the 'pluralities', and the truth about the future they are trying to prevent.

Reboot of Evangelion: Neon Genesis Evangelion is already being given a reboot in a series of movies, but what would it be like if it got the reboot treatment in a new series? Perhaps the secrets behind the Evangelions would be explored in a bit more detail, and there'd be a couple of new characters in the mix to shake things up a bit. I tried to get this idea going on the EvaGeeks roleplaying forum, but there wasn't enough interest to really get a series going.

Sparrow & Nightingale: Though Sally Sparrow and her friend Larry Nightingale have never been seen in Doctor Who since Blink, some fans have felt that there was room to explore these characters further, perhaps even in their own spin-off show. The series would focus on Sally and Larry developing their relationship both as romantic interests and as business partners, while Sally's inquisitive nature leads them into new adventures facing the wonders and horrors of the Whoniverse. Of course, they'd need some additional cast members to support them. Maybe a newly hire assistant in the DVD store to fill the role of audience surrogate, who stumbles into the more adventurous side of Sparrow and Nightingale's lives? It has potential as a series premise, at least.

Well, that's all for now, see you later folks!

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