Sunday, July 27, 2014

[Weekly Geeky Report] Firefly, Sidonia and other stuff...

Achievements Unlocked
On Tuesday night I played the Firefly board game with Martin and Peter, using the Hitting Atmo and Pirates and Bounty Hunters expansions. Unfortunately we were playing the Niska's Holiday scenario, which has just about the hardest win conditions in the game. Also, the Nav decks were not on our side. I suffered three run-ins with the Alliance Cruiser and two with the Reaver Cutter, and the other guys didn't have much more luck, suffering a lot of breakdowns and getting really hard jobs. We eventually called it a night at about half nine, since the game had clearly turned into an exercise in masochism by then. Though Martin came the closest, nobody could really be said to have won. Sad faces all around.

A new game started up on Storium, called The Dreamer's Curse. This one is loosely based on Puella Magi Madoka Magika, with some Lovecraftian influences. My character is a Veronica Mars expy called Kurosaki Mako. Her mother went missing, and her father was laughed off the police force because his investigation into her disappearance uncovered supernatural elements. Mako, along with other people throughout the city, has been having recurring dreams in which an angelic figure offers her power to fight a coming darkness in exchange for a wish. She hasn't accepted yet, but she realises it may be her best chance to uncover the truth about what's going on in the city, and what happened to her mother...

Our Misspent Youth game seems to be in trouble; Martin (the Authority player) couldn't play this weekend, and another of our group, Judith, will be unavailable over the first half of August. She also wants to be free to play in another game after that, so it's uncertain whether we'll actually be able to have a second session, let alone finish the campaign. Hopefully we'll work out some solution to this, because I was really looking forward to seeing where things went after the first session. That said, I kinda don't want to be in Glasgow over the next couple of weeks, until the Commonwealth Games are finished, so it's probably for the best that it's not happening this weekend.

We had an abortive attempt at running the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space finale on Friday night, but Maggie wasn't able to interact well enough with the group over Skype, so we decided to postpone it until a time when we could all get back together in person. So instead, we watched the first episode of Speed Grapher which was...interesting. Still not sure I want to watch more of it or not. Alex also gave us a brief glimpse of Kill La Kill, which I'm definitely not going to be checking out any further. We also watched the third episode of Supernatural season 9, and Zeke still isn't endearing himself to me, driving a wedge between the Winchesters (or more accurately, Dean) and Castiel. Jerk.

Last but not least was the first episode of Knights of Sidonia, which we watched on Heather's Netflix. I liked it a lot, and went on to rewatch the first episode and the next seven on Saturday night. I like the visual style of the series, the setting is pretty neat and it's got just a touch of hard sci-fi to it. Not to mention it's pretty dark - not quite as gruesome as Attack On Titan, but the characters have a similar survival rate. The only issues I've had so far are that, at first, it's difficult to tell some of the characters apart (though given that the culture is perpetuated to an extent via human cloning and genetic engineering, that's not all that surprising), and the subtitles sometimes drop in mid-speech or - in the case of subtitles for written Japanese - go by at blink-or-miss-it speed. These issues aside, I'm really enjoying the series and I wish the second season were out already, because the remaining four episodes won't take long to finish. I'll probably rewatch with the English dub on and do a review when I'm finished the second viewing.

Works In Progress
I didn't manage that flash fic after all, spending much of the writing time I could have done it in to write up the Tears of a Machine AP instead. I got some of the outline for episode 2 of my Doctor Who/Evangelion fic done, but I'll need to finish it next week.

So I'll be working on finishing the outline, and hopefully get started writing the second episode by the end of the week. Probably won't manage a flash fic this week either, but I'll see what I can do. Still working on prep for the Doctor Who: The SOS Files game on Storium, so I'll do some more on that next week as well.

That's all for now, I'll be back tomorrow with the next AP from the Tears of a Machine campaign.

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