Wednesday, August 6, 2014

[Character Report] Ishikawa Reiko AKA Artemis (Night's Black Agents)

I was initially at a loss as to what kind of character I might make for Night's Black Agents, if the opportunity ever arose. But then I saw the picture below in the Night's Black Agents corebook, and remembered that I'd always wanted to play a Hawkeye-style assassin. So I wrote up a character based on the image, mostly for kicks. However, if I ever get an opportunity to play in NBA, this would be one of my likely character options.

Ishikawa Reiko AKA Artemis

Image from NBA corebook; used without permission.
No ownership of this image is claimed by this blogger.


Of short stature, but with a solid and muscular build, Reiko looks at once severe and strikingly pretty. Her long dark hair is often tied back in a knot when she's in the field.


Professional Role: Freelance Assassin
Drive: Revenge
Symbol: Childhood Photo of Reiko and Ichiro
Solace: Kobayashi 'Tak' Takeshi, combat mentor
Safety: Kazehaya Kyudo Dojo (Her sensei's home)

A world-class archer, Reiko had been so focused on her sporting career that she had neglected her family. But when she got word from her mother that her brother Ichiro was in some kind of trouble, she took some time off to go home and check on things. It was too little, too late. Her mother was dead, her brother missing, taken by the Yakuza he had got himself mixed up with.

After that, Reiko withdrew from the public eye and went underground. She honed her skills with the bow, found a mentor to train her for combat, and became the masked assassin known as Artemis - the huntress. She took on contracts to pay for resources and to help her build contacts and track down the men who killed her mother and abducted her brother. She would make up for not being there when it mattered; she would rescue Ichiro...and if he was beyond rescue, she'd make sure someone answered for that.


Reiko holds her emotions in check with an air of serene calm, facing challenges that come her way with a cool smile and a sense of humour. When she does show anger, it's like a bolt of lightning: it comes on suddenly, is gone just as suddenly and, if you're very lucky, you're left alive to tell the tale.


Stability 8
Health 8

General: Athletics 6, Conceal 6, Disguise 4, Driving 2, Hand-to-Hand 6, Infiltration 4, Sense Trouble 2, Shooting 10 (Special Weapon Training: Compound Bow), Surveillance 4, Weapons 4.

Academic: Languages 1, Military Science 1.

Interpersonal: Interrogation 1, Intimidation 2, Streetwise 2, Tradecraft 1.

Technical: Notice 2, Outdoor Survival 2, Photography 1, Urban Survival 2.

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