Tuesday, August 12, 2014

[#RPGaDay] Day 12 - Old RPG You Still Play/Read: Traveller (Mongoose Edition)

Like I said before, every now and then I like to pull this book off the shelf and just randomly roll up characters and/or worlds. The character creation is almost like a game itself although, unlike in the original Traveller, death during character creation is optional rather than built in to the core creation rules. Through a series of dice rolls, you not only build up your character's attributes and skills, but also their history by rolling Events (or Mishaps if you fail a survival roll) during each term of a career. If you fail a survival roll during a career term, you have to leave that career, but (unlike old Traveller, I believe) you can roll for a new one.

By the end of all that rolling, you have a timeline for your character which you can flesh out a bit further. How did your character pick up that skill during that career term? How did that mission go wrong? Why did they leave that career early? Or why did they choose this career after they dropped out of the previous one? I guess it's the storyteller in me, but I just love rolling up characters and building histories for them with this book.

You can also roll up random worlds (star systems, really), but I find that a bit less fun, quite frankly.

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