Friday, August 22, 2014

[#RPGaDay] Day 22: Oldest RPG Owned

Today's topic is supposed to be 'Best Secondhand RPG Purchase', but I can't honestly remember any of my books that I bought secondhand. That's not to say I've never bought anything secondhand (I almost certainly have), it's just that I can't recall which are which.

So, alternate topic, about the oldest RPG book owned? Remember that copy of Big Eyes Small Mouth 2nd Edition I bought as my first RPG?

It's still there on my shelf, plastic peeling on the cover a little bit, but otherwise in good nick. Haven't made use of it in a while, but I'll probably revisit it one of these days. Just haven't had the itch to run anything particularly anime-themed that would suit it of late, and any anime that I have felt like running have other systems that are better suited to them. But some day, some day...

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