Tuesday, August 26, 2014

[#RPGaDay] Day 26 - Coolest Character Sheet: Night's Black Agents

The 'coolest' character sheets, to my mind, are ones which evoke the setting or genre of the game they're designed for. Which is why I love the updated character sheet for Night's Black Agents, which is designed to look like an agent's dossier, complete with a 'polaroid photo' for a character sketch to be drawn into or (if you're editing it on the computer) to insert a digital image into.

It's also self-calculating which is handy for making sure you've assigned all your points properly. Plus, it's a lot more functionally designed as a character sheet for the Gumshoe system than any of the sheets for other games in the line that had come before it. Instead of having a simple note of pool/rating, you have dots that can be marked off with pencil whenever you spend pool points, which makes it easier to track point spends.

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