Sunday, August 17, 2014

[Weekly Geeky Report] Ancients, Mass Effect and other stuff...

First of all, I downloaded the free PDF of Mongoose Publishing's release of the Secrets of the Ancients campaign for their edition of the Traveller RPG. I'm not sure if or when I will run it - I told myself I was taking a break from GMing campaigns this semester but, having revisited the Mongoose edition of Traveller while trying to randomly roll up Firefly characters, I'm more than a little tempted to give it a go - but it was a free download so I figured, what the hell?

That was as far as I was planning to go with RPG acquisitions this week but, after giving thought to what I might run for the coming semester I went ahead and ordered Apotheosis Drive X on Friday. There was no complimentary PDF available for this, so I'll just have to wait for the print edition to arrive in the mail to see what it's like. Then, yesterday, I went into Glasgow and picked up a copy of Fate Worlds Vol. 2: Worlds In Shadow, which I mostly bought for Camelot Trigger, but there's other settings in there that look like fun as well. But no, I'm not adding them to my potential campaigns list for the new term at GUGS. That list is long enough already.

Achievements Unlocked
I restarted my replay of the Mass Effect trilogy with my FemShep character and am just about to leave the Citadel after being inducted as a Spectre. Was tempted to do an 'actual play' in the form of mission logs by Shepherd, but I thought that might be pushing things in terms of copyright infringement if I posted stuff like that on my blog.

No Tuesday GUGS this week, on account of my being pretty ill on Tuesday.

Last night, I resumed my Eleventh Doctor recap with Series 6 of Doctor Who. Watched the first four episodes and I enjoyed all four of them as much as I remember enjoying them the first time around. It's just a pity that the ultimate answer at the end of all this mysterious build up about the Silence is not only dissatisfying but actually doesn't fit when you go back and look at these earlier episodes.

Works In Progress
After putting it off for a while, I finally got around to editing together the APs from our third and fourth sessions of Timewatch: Team Indigo. Those should be going up on soon, so I'll link them when they're available.

Still stymied on the pregens for Firefly, and I'm still working on converting Gem In The Rough to run as a Firefly scenario. It really shouldn't take much doing, just need to stat out the NPCs from the adventure, really. However, I wanted to write it up like a proper adventure, the way the adventure in the book and the Echoes of War scenarios are written, which means expanding somewhat upon the scenario as written for Traveller.

As previously mentioned, I've started considering options for a campaign when the new semester starts up, but I haven't settled on anything concrete yet.

No momentum on Doctor Who: The SOS Files, or on the next installment of my Doctor Who/Evangelion fanfic. The latter is on hold right now, until I've edited the first episode and got a more clear idea of my 'season arc'. For The SOS Files, I've got a basic idea of the setting which can be built on in play, so all I really need is an idea for an introductory story. From there, I can build the main arc and the setting around the characters my players come up with.

My current to do list:
- Finish editing the next actual play recording of Timewatch: Team Indigo (Tonight)
- Edit Doctor Who/Evangelion episode one ready to post on (by Saturday)
- Write up the outline for DW/Eva episode two. (by next Monday)
- Read through Fate Core and Venture City Stories (by next Tuesday)
- Prep for Venture City Stories one-shot (by next Tuesday)
- Prep for my 'Doctor Who: The SOS Files' Storium game. (by end of August)
- Write up a pregen crew and ship for my Firefly one-shots. (by end of August)
- Make a final decision on what campaign to run for GUGS. (by end of August)
- Read through Firefly RPG rules (by mid-September)
- Read through Firefly - Echoes of War: Bucking the Tiger (by mid-September)
- Convert Gem In The Rough as Firefly RPG scenario (by end of September)

...and probably a few other things I've forgotten about. They'll come back to me eventually.

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