Sunday, August 24, 2014

[Weekly Geeky Report] Leverage, Doctor Who and other stuff...

No new purchases this week, since I'm out of cash after the spending spree last weekend. I did receive my copy of Apotheosis Drive X in the mail on Wednesday though, and I've skimmed through it. Looks decent, but there are a LOT of Page XX references in it, which is a bit irritating.

I also got my print copy of the Firefly RPG in the mail on Thursday! WHOOP!

Achievements Unlocked
Intended to try out Kingdom on Tuesday, but we ended up playing with Heather's new box of Cards Against Humanity instead. We pretty much played through the deck until about 9 o'clock, and then we stopped refreshing our hands and finished once everyone had run out of cards.

Starting Wednesday, I finally got around to watching Leverage. I've been hearing folks talk about the series for a while, most recently on the Margaret Weiss Productions forums (apparently somebody's running a Firefly/Leverage hack called Leveraging The Black), so I was always going to give it a look one of these days. The first eight episodes have been a lot of Oceans Eleven-style capering fun, the show doesn't take itself too seriously, it has Gina Bellman (Jane from Coupling) as a master grifter, Christian Kane (Lindsay McDonald from Angel) as a badass fighter type (and not a complete heel this time!), and three episodes in Mark A. Sheppard is introduced as a recurring rival for the team's ringleader. Mark me down as hooked, I'll definitely be watching more of this series. Now I just need to resist the temptation to make my pregens for the Firefly oneshots a Leverage-style crew instead. ('Cause that wouldn't really fit anyway, right?)

Then there was the new series première of Doctor Who last night. Bit of a slow burner, but that's no bad thing, and I think Peter Capaldi did a good job as the Doctor for his first episode. The real test though will be the next couple of episodes, since we don't really get enough time to judge the Doctor's new persona from a regeneration episode; they're never really done cooking until the end of the episode and we only get a short glimpse of the real Doctor in the episode's climax. (I'll post a more in-depth review later in the week.)

Works In Progress
Misha gave me some great feedback on the first episode of my Doctor Who/Evangelion fanfic, so I need to sit down to Scrivener again and go over the fic again with his feedback in mind. After that, it'll finally be ready to go online. Only took me a couple of years. Now that I've got a process in mind though, I'm hoping the rest of the episodes will take less time to write up than this one has. I want to try and post an episode every month at a rate of one part per week (aiming to split my episodes into four parts, like they used to do with the old serials).

Anyway, first thing's first, get episode one edited, then I need to do the outline for episode two and work from that. With episode one, I wrote the whole thing in script form as a zero draft. Wonder if I should do that again, or just do a standard outline and write it from there in prose form? Anyway, I'll figure it out.

It won't be long before one-shot season at GUGS begins, and then it'll only be another couple of weeks before campaigns begin, so I don't have long to prepare. I'll need to read through my shiny new rulebook for the Firefly RPG and the Echoes Of War: Bucking The Tiger scenario before the 23rd of September.

As of now, my one-shot for the second week depends largely on what I settle on as a campaign for the coming semester. If I go with either Firefly or Traveller, I'm thinking I might keep Gem In The Rough aside as a potential starting scenario. If that's the case, I'll run something with Fate Core instead, most likely the Venture City Stories setting that I was planning on doing as this month's one-shot (but that's off the table now, since I'll be facilitating a game of Kingdom this Tuesday instead). So I need to figure out what I'm running as a campaign for next semester pretty soon as well.

I'm setting myself a deadline of end of the month (next Sunday) to make up my mind about the campaign. I should probably finish off reading through Apotheosis Drive X this week as well, so I can make a decision as to whether I want to run it for GUGS or not.

Other than that, my to-do list largely comprises of clearing out my room and packing boxes as the council will soon be carrying out rewiring work on our home. Joy.
I will try to keep up with the blogging in the meantime, but things are getting a bit hectic in real life right now, so if I might have to put writing for blog posts on the backburner.

At the very least though, I'll try to keep up with the Weekly Geeky Reports, to keep you up to date on what's been happening with me. For now though, see you later!

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