Sunday, August 31, 2014

[Weekly Geeky Report] Traveller, Firefly and other stuff...


I traded a bunch of old games in at the FLGS this Tuesday and exchanged them for the updated edition of Mongoose Publishing's Traveller. My intent had been to pick up either the Solomani Rim or Spinward Marches sourcebook for the game, but I wound up getting the revised corebook instead. If I do get round to running Traveller, I want to be running from the most recent iteration of the rules.

Having bought the updated version, I donated my old copy to GUGS for the RPG locker and hope that someone will make use of it. I'd love nothing more than to see a game or two of Traveller start up at the society, especially if I get to join in.

On a whim, I also ordered the Spinward Marches Map Pack. It'll be a handy reference when I inevitably run a campaign in the Spinward Marches, and I can always put it up on my wall in the meantime. Sadly, since buying the revised Traveller corebook and the map pack, I've been advised that it's better to run Firefly for the RP society, and I had to grudgingly agree with the advice given. More on that later.

An inevitable result of my nostalgic rediscovery of Traveller is that I looked up the game that got me interested in it all those years ago, Megatraveller 1: The Zhodani Conspiracy. I found a free download for it, and I've set it up in DOSBox. Having a bit of trouble working out the controls at the moment, but once I've got that figured out I can start playing it properly.

Having settled on running Firefly, I thought I'd better build up my dice collection since the game uses a lot of D4s to D12s. So I ordered two sets of Chessex Lotus Speckled D4s, D6s, D8s and D12s to accompany my D10 collection, and a spare red opaque dice to replace one that's missing from my dice collection. I have ten of the Chessex Lotus Speckled D10s, but I couldn't order enough of the other dice types to accompany all of them, because I didn't want to spend more than £10.

I really need to start saving some money.

Achievements Unlocked
Instead of facilitating Kingdom as planned, I wound up playing two games of Cards Against Humanity again on Tuesday. I think it's not quite as amusing if you play it too many times close together. It's more fun in small doses over extended periods of time. Say maybe once or twice a month, but definitely not a whole evening out of every week.

Having finished the first season of Leverage, I've moved on into the second season. Only watched the first two or three episodes but it doesn't look like it's jumped the shark yet,  so I'm still enjoying it. (Although, the car crash at the start of episode one was a bit ridiculously staged, with the car flying clear over Nate's head.)

After some encouragement from Heather, I've also started watching season nine of Supernatural again. Sadly, Cas has been evicted from the bunker for 'reasons' so he was not in the two episodes I watched, but there was a guest appearance by Felicia Day as Charlie, who is always a welcome visitor to the show. The second episode was a fairly light-hearted one, with Dean affected by a spell that allowed him to understand the language of animals (and also gave him some canine tendencies) and I got a good few laughs out of it.

I watched Doctor Who last night (of course) and, while the title seemed an odd one, it soon made sense once the episode began. As with last week, I'll post a more detailed review soon, but I did enjoy the episode for the most part. Got a bit more of a picture of what Capaldi's Doctor is like and, if I'm being entirely honest, he's a bit of a dick. But I think his hearts are in the right place, at least.

After that, I started another rewatch of Firefly with the pilot episode. My plan is to watch each episode as I read through the Firefly RPG rulebook, reading the 'episode guide' for each episode after I watch them. I really like the way they've written out the episode guide, statting out the characters and ships that appear in each episode and using moments from the show as examples of how the game is played. Mind you, it does seem like the sort of thing that should be at the back of the book rather than the front. I'll talk more on that when I get around to reviewing the book, but the first chapter is an odd place to put the episode guide in my opinion.

Works In Progress
As mentioned, I've been encouraged to run Firefly as my campaign for this semester. There's a bit of demand for it, and it's a bit more beginner-friendly than Traveller can be. So I'm going to plan for that. Don't have any ideas in terms of a story arc besides expanding upon Gem In The Rough as a mini-arc within the season, but I might just wait and see what characters I get in my party, then build an arc around them. That might be a better way than having an arc in mind first and then trying to tie the players' backstories to it.

All the same, I started putting together a couple of custom subsector maps for Traveller on Tuesday. I may not be running Traveller at GUGS, but I have a homebrew sci-fi setting I want to build up, either for RP or writing.

No progress on the edit of episode one of my Doctor Who/Evangelion fanfic yet, but I've set myself some concrete goals and deadlines for getting it done, so that'll help me get on with it. Same for the outline of episode 2. I'll set to work on them tomorrow and aim to have the edit of episode one, part one done by 5pm on Friday. I'm giving myself until the end of September to finish the outline for episode two, but I'll be doing it in parallel to my edit of episode one and outlining shouldn't take too long, so I'll probably be done sooner.

Other than that, I hope to have the first half of the AP for our Tears Of A Machine: Tales of the Arx Jericho season finale ready to post on Friday. I'm going to start work on it now. See you later!

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