Sunday, August 10, 2014

[Weekly Geeky Report] Shiny PDF, Kingdoms, and other stuff...

I finally put in my pre-order for the Firefly RPG and, after following instructions from the store I order from to contact Margaret Weiss Productions for my free PDF code, I downloaded the PDF of the book. Looks shiny so far.

Acheivements Unlocked
I finished part one of the audiobook for The Martian by Andy Weir. So far, it's pretty good, though there are points where it feels like it'd be better to read in print than to listen to. Listening to the narrator recite computer readouts - code and all - was a little bit awkward, even though the perspective character did offer an explanation of what it all meant afterwards.

I attended Tuesday GUGS, but there weren't a lot of folks there, and I wasn't expecting my usual group to be there, so I just headed home once I was sure there was no RP stuff to take care of as the committee member responsible for such things.

I've read most of the way through Kingdom by Ben Robbins. I've read the game rules portion of the book, so all that remains is the advice section, plus the Kingdom seeds at the back. I'm hoping to give the game another try at Tuesday GUGS this week, assuming my regular player group is there to play it with. I already played using the 'Lost In Luxury Space' seed, so I'll probably try and convince the others to pick something else (assuming we don't make something up entirely from scratch).

In the latest post-Kickstarter update for Timewatch, Kevin Kulp posted links to James Semple's theme music for the game, as well as a couple of extra tracks, 'Requiem of Time' and 'Time for Action'. Having downloaded and listened to them, I think the theme tune is a good fit for the game. I might try and use it for the intro to the Timewatch: Team Indigo podcast episodes, once I get round to editing those.

I also finished off my second viewing of Knights of Sidonia with the English dub on. I'll try and post a review of the series sometime later in the week.

Works In Progress
Now that I've got the book - or at least, the PDF - of the Firefly RPG, I've started seriously thinking about the one-shots I want to run at the Freshers' intro weeks for GUGS. So far I've mostly been trying - and failing - to cobble together a pregen crew and ship for the games. I hate doing pregens. Coming up with a single character I can do, coming up with a whole group's worth of characters and making sure they all fit together? That's a bit trickier.  So far I've been toying with putting together 'expy crews' based on two or three anime series, such as Cowboy Bebop, Gunsmith Cats and Rurouni Kenshin. And then I stop because I realise how lame that is.

I've also had a few abortive attempts at writing the pitches for the two adventures. I want to give a snapshot of the scenarios, without completely giving away what the players will be dealing with. For those of you unlikely to be attending Freshers games at GUGS, I'll be running the Bucking The Tiger adventure from MWP's Echoes of War series for the game, as well as an adaptation of a Traveller adventure published in the premiere issue of Steve Jackson Games' Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society, called Gem In The Rough.

There is also an adventure provided in the Firefly corebook itself, but I haven't had a chance to look at it yet. I also discovered that the first four Firefly: Echoes of War scenarios have now been collected into a single PDF edition, titled Thrillin' Heroics. Luckily, this doesn't seem to include Bucking The Tiger; otherwise I'd be a little bit miffed, having already bought it. I might give that a look sometime.

Anyway, besides contemplating the Firefly one-shots, I haven't got much done in the way of writing this week, or prepping for my upcoming Doctor Who: The SOS Files game on Storium.  I have, however, decided to try running Primetime Adventures for the Tears of a Machine group (plus James from Timewatch: Team Indigo) now that we're on hiatus between 'seasons'. Not much done on that front yet, either; need to settle on a series pitch with the group first.

For tomorrow's post, my plan is to get caught up on this #RPGaDay thing that's going on this month, and I'll try to post a mini-post with my entries for each day after that.

For now, see you later folks!

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