Wednesday, September 24, 2014

[Review] Premium All Rolled Up: 'Orbital Velocity'

The All Rolled Up I ordered arrived yesterday morning, just in time for me to pack it with all the stuff I would need to run my taster oneshot of the Firefly RPG for freshers at GUGS.
I thought I'd post some pictures and talk a little about this neat little accessory, showing how it works.

Because I hate making knots, I added the optional toggle to my order. Makes it easier to hold the the thing together than me having to tie it together. Still have to tie off the loose ends once I've tightened the toggle, but it's less fiddly this way. I also got the optional carabiner, which I can use to hook the All Rolled Up to my belt or backpack.
To the left you can see the velcro flap sealing the dice pouch, which is supposed to be able to house about 100 polyhedral dice. I'm using it for about 40 dice, plus 40 poker chips, and they all fit well enough. Think there's even room for another couple sets of dice, so the 100 dice estimate seems more or less accurate. Shiny!

As you can see, I've got a stack of index cards in the middle pouch. Since I'm running Firefly at the moment, these come in handy for noting down Complications and Assets as they're created in play. What you can't see is that I was also able to squeeze an eraser and sharpener in with the index cards. The middle pouch could be used for other things, like maybe some playing cards or a notepad, but index cards can be pretty handy for most roleplaying games.

You'll also see I have a bunch of pencils to share with players -  plus some pens just in case I have some reason for writing in indelible ink, probably come in handy for taking session notes, or if you happen to have a dry erase board you could bring a Sharpie to draw on that - in the pouches provided for stationary.

Here you can see the outer cover of the All Rolled Up. Given that a) I'm primarily a sci-fi kind of guy, and b) I'm currently
running Firefly and looking to run Traveller in the near future, I went with the Orbital Velocity design, since it seemed thematically appropriate. Looks pretty cool as well, no?

This is just one of a wide variety of great designs available for the ARUs, and the deluxe versions also include a 'chalk' line of ARUs which include chalk cloth panels on the exterior which can be used to sketch maps or diagrams on.

There are also licensed ARUs with designs based on DC comics, Doctor Who, Marvel, Star Wars and Transformers, if any of those take your fancy.
Long story short, this is a pretty neat little accessory for tabletop gamers such as myself, and its utility isn't limited to just roleplaying gaming. Pretty sure CCG players or wargamers can get some good use out of it as well.

Not sure how appropriate the Undecim rating system is for this kind of product, but I'd have to give it a +4, if not a +5. Definitely recommend this for organising and carrying your gaming implements.

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