Sunday, September 28, 2014

[Weekly Geeky Report] Firefly, Steam and other stuff...

I'm queuing this post up on Saturday morning, because I've got a shift at work this afternoon and I'll be heading to a Firefly marathon at Heather's afterward, then staying the night and heading in for another shift in the morning, so I probably won't have time to round it off and publish manually like usual.

Nothing this week.

Achievements Unlocked
Monday was largely spent finishing off prep for my Firefly oneshot and sorting out my blurb before heading out to work that night. The next day - while going through the dull process of printing off and organising everybody else's game blurbs, and printing off lists to keep track of everything that's running - I started listening to the audiobook of Andy Weir's The Martian again from scratch. By Wednesday I had caught up to the point I'd left off at last time and started the second half of the audiobook. Since then, I've been listening to a couple of chapters per day during my commute, so I should probably have it finished by Tuesday.

Backtracking a little to Tuesday night, my oneshot of Firefly went fairly well. I used the scenario from the back of the book, and everybody seemed to enjoy it. I think we could have started earlier if I had completed the character sheets before play, but I'd left a few details undefined to allow a bit of customisation on the players' part. That would have worked out a bit smoother if half my group weren't complete beginners to the roleplaying hobby. Yeah, should have thought of that. As it was, I think we started a bit later than we should have, and then the opening barfight took about an hour to wrap up. Probably would have gone a bit quicker if I hadn't decided to hand out as many Complications when folks rolled 1s. We ended up having to wrap it up at the end of Act 2, so I'll be continuing it as a two-parter at next week's GUGS. Still, I got a good feel for how the game flows, and people had a good time, which is the main thing.

I've been continuing my rerun through Cowboy Bebop and I just finished Session 14: 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. Really should have revisited this show long before now. I still reckon it's less useful as inspiration for Firefly, but I love how it plays around with genre throughout the series with episodes like Toys In The Attic. The episode was a nice homage to Alien, and now that I've seen it a couple of times I see how it still fits within the series continuity, despite the seemingly downer ending.

I've also been playing games a bit more on Steam of late. Which is to say, I have been playing on Steam. Mostly Bastion, which I bought last week as part of my 'No Longer Unemployed' celebratory purchases. I've played for about an hour and a half in total, and it's a fun enough game. Still not quite sure what exactly the Calamity is, or how the protagonist apparently slept through it, but I'm sure the plot will start to develop as I play. 

I've also played a bit more of Hotline Miami now that I've switched my trackball for my old mouse. Still finding the controls a bit tricky, and I'm rediscovering why I dumped the mouse in the first place. I don't know why, but when I click the mouse buttons they double click rather than just click once. Probably going to have to get a new one at some point. Other than that, Hotline Miami is okay, but I'm more interested in Bastion for now.

As mentioned earlier, I'll be heading out to a Firefly marathon tonight and we'll probably stop to watch Doctor Who at some point as well.

Works In Progress
You may have noticed I didn't post the full review of Time Heist like I said I would. That's because I'm still trying to adapt my blogging/writing schedule to work around my new work schedule. I also haven't finished editing episode 1 of my Doctor Who/Evangelion fanfic, or the outline for episode 2 either. In truth, it's not all down to juggling work time with personal projects. After all, I managed to put together a Tiddlywiki campaign journal for my upcoming Firefly game, as well as another Tiddlywiki for a speculative Traveller sandbox campaign I might run at some point, so there was a little bit of procrastination at play.

Okay, so I had time to watch Cowboy Bebop and play Steam, so it was perhaps more than a little bit. I'm working up a weekly schedule to try and organise my play and project time, using a time management method I found out about called the Unschedule. I won't bore you with the details, but basically I schedule things I have to do (sleep, eat, commute, etc) and fun things (playing games, watching DVDs, etc) and leave everything else blank. The blank spaces are the times I can use to get project stuff done. Chris Baty described a similar technique in his NaNoWriMo guide book 'No Plot? No Problem' and it served me well during NaNo, so it should work just as well the rest of the year.

By the start of next week, I should have the new schedule all worked out, so I'll aim to get more done this week. I definitely need to focus on the edit of DW/Eva episode 1, because I want that done by the end of the month which is (eeek!) Tuesday. So, yeah. Better get cracking on that. See you later!

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