Sunday, September 7, 2014

[Weekly Geeky Report] Kingdom, Viewscream 2.0 and other stuff...

Okay...I maybe did something I shouldn't have. I bought the PDF of the 'Echoes of War: Thrillin' Heroics' adventure pack for the Firefly RPG. That gives me another four scenarios I can run if I feel the need to run from pre-written material.

Acheivements Unlocked
Real life has gotten a bit more stressful this week, so I haven't really set aside much time for other stuff. I did go to GUGS on Tuesday night, and we played a session of Kingdom which went okay. We were the command staff of a colony on Mars, facing a religious movement that wanted to let the colony be 'cleansed' by meteor showers, as well as dealing with those meteor showers and the alien natives...who never actually came up in the game. I still haven't got the hang of coming up with good crossroad questions, but that aside we all had fun with it.

I did manage to watch a couple more episodes of Firefly and read their entries in the RPG's episode guide afterwards. It's really cool how they use each episode as an example of how to play the game. Only trouble is, Netflix UK seems to have the episodes listed in their original airing order for some reason, whereas the book uses the actual intended order. So I'm flicking forward and back through the episode guide a little bit to find the corresponding entries for each episode.

On Friday night, I managed to get my friend David to join in a playtest of the new version of Rafael Chandler's Viewscream (the first edition of which is reviewed here). From the session we played, I think the new version is a definite improvement on the old one. It's a bit more flexible. I'll try and write a full playtest report on it once I've reviewed our Hangout On Air and read through the playtest docs again. Bottom line is we had fun, and we've discussed getting the group back together for other games in the future to help give David more of an introduction to the roleplaying hobby.

On Saturday night I watched the latest episode of Doctor Who. It was only natural that, after a dark episode like Into The Dalek, the next one would be a bit more of a lighthearted romp. I'll try and post a full review tomorrow, but I mostly enjoyed it.

Works In Progress
Was making good progress on both the revision of DW/Evangelion episode 1 and the write-up for our Tears of a Machine finale, but then I got stalled because of RL stuff, and my other stuff had to be put on the backburner while I figured things out. Plus, there's the ongoing clearing of rooms in preparation for the council's rewiring and bathroom refitting, so that's been distracting me a bit in general.

Things will hopefully stabilise over the coming week and I'll be back to a more regular blogging and writing schedule.

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