Sunday, September 14, 2014

[Weekly Geeky Report] Space Outlaws, Bounty Hunters and other stuff...

Didn't buy anything this week, but I did download The Secret Of Cats, a new Fate Core setting by Richard Bellingham. I'll give it a read and review as payment for downloading it for free when I've got some spare time to read and review stuff again. Right now, things are a bit hectic though, so it won't be right away, but I'll do it when I can.

Acheivements Unlocked
At Tuesday GUGS, I sat down with half of my DWAiTAS players (Heather and the newly returned Maggie!) plus Peter - who's probably a bigger Browncoat than me on account of his having both expansions for the Firefly board game and a copy of the Firefly Companion - and got them to help me out with making up pregens for my upcoming oneshots. I'll still need to make up two or three more - since the crew is lacking a proper pilot, a clear leader and a medic - but folks had fun creating characters for it. It's likely that Heather, Maggie and Peter are probably going to be in my group for the main campaign when it starts up in October and probably Alex and Luke will want to sign on as well. Alex will have to do his homework (i.e. watch Firefly) though. But that's five players which means I probably don't have to recruit anyone at Fresher's Week. Makes me feel sorta guilty, actually. Oh well.

In other Firefly news, I've finished my Netflix binge of the series, plus the Big Damn Movie. Still annoyed about the order Netflix has the series arranged in, I think it's more or less the same order it was originally aired in, except the pilot episode still comes first. I'll probably write and complain, but for any future Firefly marathons I'll just stick to my DVD boxset, because at least I know that's in the right order.

With Firefly finished, I've started a marathon of my Cowboy Bebop DVD boxset. Cowboy Bebop's a bit of a different tone to Firefly, despite the similarities in concept, but it's still a decent way to get myself in the mood for the upcoming oneshots and campaign. Some of the more serious episodes - specifically the ones relating to the main characters' pasts - are also more in line with the kind of tone I want to go for with my campaign. The rest can help inspire ideas for more comedic episodes in my game.

I've also been watching some more of Leverage season two. I'm also using this to inspire me for the Firefly campaign, though not to the same extent as the other two shows. The Leverage team are highly competent and things - for the most part - tend to go smooth for them. Firefly is about crews of (mostly) competent people whose plans never quite go off without a hitch, but they scrape through and manage to keep flying. Every now and then, they even make a decent profit out of the venture. Still, Leverage is good inspiration for adventures similar to the more heist-y episodes of Firefly, such as Ariel or Trash. Plus the banter between the team is great as well.

Besides Leverage, I also watched another episode of Supernatural. Castiel reappears as a sales associate in a gas station, and we see him adapting rather well to life as a mortal. The episode's A plot brings into question just how content Castiel is with his new station in the cosmic order, but Dean encourages him to keep at it and let him and Sam worry about the whole 'fallen Angels' issue. Also, something odd's going on with Crowley, wonder what that's about?

Finally, I watched the latest Doctor Who last night and will probably watch it again tonight sometime. It was interesting, and I'd say it's one of Steven Moffat's better episodes, though it still had issues which I'll discuss in more depth when I do my full review of the episode. I'll try and have that up on the blog tomorrow afternoon.

Works In Progress
Once again, been preoccupied with doing my jobsearch this week, so I haven't got a lot done on my own personal projects this week. Looks like it might have paid off though, I'll know for sure after Monday.

Now that I'm finished watching the series, I've finished reading the episode guide section of the Firefly RPG and I'm now moving on to the rest of it. Should have it finished by the end of the week, and I'll work on putting together my custom GM screen as I read through it. I'll also read the sample adventure and probably run that for the freshers next Tuesday evening at GUGS. The week after that, I'll probably run the Wedding Planners scenario from the Thrillin' Heroics adventure book.

I'm hoping I'll be able to get back to work on my own projects this week, particularly getting episode one of my Doctor Who/Evangelion fic ready to publish on and getting started with episode two, as well as prepping for my SOS Files Storium game I mentioned a while back. As you may have noticed, my blogging has been reduced of late. That's probably going to be the case for a while, but I'll try and get back to a regular schedule with it as soon as I can.

That's all for now, see you later!

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