Sunday, September 21, 2014

[Weekly Geeky Report] Work and very little play...

To celebrate getting a new job after five years on the dole, I decided to go ahead and order myself the 'Orbital Velocity' All Rolled Up that I've had my eye on for a month or so now.  The husband and wife team behind All Rolled Up are headed to Dragondaze, so they won't be able to process my order until they get back from there, but I'm looking forward to getting my hands on my ARU when it arrives.

Also, since there was a sale on Steam, I bought myself an RPG I'd heard of, called Bastion and the original soundtrack for the same game.

Achievements Unlocked
Didn't do much in the way of geekery this week on account of GUGS being off this week, helping boost the signal about GUGS at the Freshers' Fayre by handing out flyers, plus adjusting to the new job. I did watch another couple of episodes of Cowboy Bebop, but besides that I've mostly been reading through my Firefly RPG corebook and getting myself ready to run the first of two oneshots this Tuesday.

I enjoyed this week's Doctor Who, although I didn't get to watch it in peace tonight due to my mum having her friend over and having to take a phone call about two thirds of the way through the episode. I'll rewatch it again tonight or sometime tomorrow and post a more in depth review as usual.

Works In Progress
I've almost got my custom GM screen for Firefly finished, just got a few extra little details to add to it and then it'll be ready to print out. I also found some pretty amazing fan images for the Firefly setting in this forum thread and I'll probably print off a few of them to use as inserts on the player-facing side of my custom screen.

I also need to finish off the pregens. I mostly just need to flesh out descriptions and backgrounds for the ones I've got, as well as stat up a pilot to add to the crew and finish off the ship sheet as well. After that, I should be pretty much ready to run it come Tuesday evening.

I got a bit of work done on the Doctor Who/Evangelion fanfic, finished editing the first part of episode one (though I'm fairly certain I'll need to give that another pass before I go ahead and post it), started editing part two, and added a bit more to the outline for episode two.

My first week at the new job was a training run, working every evening from six to ten. This week will be my first one working the actual hours agreed when I took on the position, so the next week or two will be about fine-tuning my schedule to fit in time for my own personal projects around my working hours. While I'm doing that, I hope to finalise episode one of the Doctor Who/Evangelion fic this week and be ready to get to work on the next episode by the end of the month. Plus, I'll be settling back into running games on a regular basis in preparation for my Firefly campaign this year. Expect blog frequency to be down to a minimum until I've settled into the new pattern. See ya later!

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