Sunday, October 5, 2014

[Weekly Geeky Report] The Martian, Pure Super Pals and other stuff...

I used one of my Audible credits to download Lock In by John Scalzi. I went with the Amber Benson narration rather than the Wil Wheaton version. Not that I don't like Wil Wheaton but I always loved Amber Benson on Buffy, so I figured I'd have a listen to her version.

I've got two credits left, not quite sure what to do with them at the moment. Happy to accept recommendations from anyone reading this blog.

Achievements Unlocked
On Monday night, I watched four more episodes of Supernatural season nine and chatted with Heather over Skype as we both watched. Episode 9 made me very sad. Also, I take my earlier comment about Ezekiel back; he may not be such a dick after all. Gadreel, on the other hand...

I also watched another few episodes of Cowboy Bebop, episodes 14 through to episode 16; Ed gets to match herself in a chess game against a chessmaster and master hacker and we start to learn more about Faye and Jet's backstories. I like Faye's backstory best, so much that it actually formed part of the inspiration for a character I would like to play if I ever get the chance to play Ashen Stars. Might also work for a Firefly campaign, with a little bit of alteration. Anyway, I've now got ten more episodes to go, plus the movie.

As predicted, I finished off The Martian by Andy Weir on Tuesday. Felt like it could have done with an epilogue to round things off, but overall I really liked it. I'd probably recommend people read the actual book rather than listen to it though. The technobabble would likely be easier to follow in text form instead of listening to it. Plus, the bits with computer data readouts would probably be better read than heard, I think.

I didn't finish running the Firefly oneshot this week. Instead, I joined Doc's game which was titled 'Pure Super Die Hard'. It was basically a rerun of last year's Christmas edition of the Glasgow Avengers game, except the Glasgow Avengers are now known as the Pure Super Pals ('cause Doc's actually making a comic of them now). I didn't get to nab my usual character (the Magenta Munitionist), so I instead played as the Duck. Basically what you would have got if Bruce Wayne had been afraid of ducks instead of bats. As always with Doc's games, my eyes were streaming from how hard I was laughing during the session. Also, we topped the actual Christmas session for how horrific our team of superheroes was. We may have accidentally blown up Santa Claus while trying to save him. But it's okay, because Quantabella pulled some quantum magic that fixed the timeline so that never happened.

After Tuesday I didn't have much time to do anything outside of work since we had to get the house ready for the rewiring works that started on Friday. I did have the opportunity to listen to my new audiobook during my commute though, and I'm really enjoying it so far. I didn't really have any expectations about the book before starting, having heard nothing about it before stumbling upon it on Audible, but I'm happy to say it seems my credit hasn't been wasted on this book. When I couldn't listen to the audiobook (because my MP3 player's battery ran out), I read No Plot, No Problem by Chris Baty, to help mentally prepare myself for yet another year of NaNoWriMo.

Despite some reluctance due to the spider-like monsters of this week's episode, I watched the latest episode of Doctor Who. It wasn't quite as bad as I'd feared, since the monsters in question didn't appear very often. Instead, the main focus of the episode was the bigger problem that they were a symptom of: the moon is breaking apart for reasons unknown. And, as with many a great episode of Who, it features a moral dilemma in its climax, and it also features some excellent character drama where the tension between Clara and the Doctor since his regeneration finally boils over.

Works In Progress
As I mentioned, things got a bit hectic midweek, so I've had no time to do much work on any of my projects. I put together my list of six story ideas I'm considering for NaNo, complete with blurbs. I just need to pick one of those to work on.

I also started editing some songs from the Firefly soundtrack to make them ready for use as background music during RP sessions. I may use portions of the Hero soundtrack as well, though I'm not entirely sure about that, since I associate that music most strongly with the L5R campaign James ran a couple of years ago. Really though, before I even start building a music list for the game, I need to find out what kind of Crew my players will be creating, and therefore what kind of campaign it will be. No point choosing music when I'm not even sure what shape the game will take thematically.

Anyway, not a lot of movement on project work this week. Hopefully I'll get more done next week. Things to do include:
- Campaign and 'season premiere' prep for the Firefly RPG (after I've got players sorted out with their characters and a ship)
- Pick a story idea for NaNoWriMo.
- Edit Doctor Who/Evangelion episode 1.
- Outline Doctor Who/Evangelion episode 2.

The last three things I can work on from tonight onwards. The first, I'll have to do after Tuesday night, since I won't have anything to work with until I've gone through crew and ship creation with the players. I'm also going to try and complete the Time Finder exercise from 'No Plot, No Problem' this week, keeping a log of my daily activities over the next seven days so I can work out how much time I can free up for writing over November. After that I do more or less the same as with the Unschedule I mentioned before. So, that's my plan for next week, and I'll see what other geeky stuff I can get up to in my downtime. See you later!

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