Thursday, November 13, 2014

[Weekly Geeky Report] Blue Sun, Hell 4 Leather, and other stuff...

Since they were relevant to my current interests (I.e. NaNoWriMo) I bought a couple of Kindle ebooks: 500 Ways To Write Harder by Chuck Wendig, and Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing by Mignon Fogarty. Chuck Wendig also had a NaNo-themed '30 days' book, but since I'm already halfway through the month, I figured it was a bit late for that. Might still download it for future NaNo-style writing challenges though.

Achievements Unlocked
On Tuesday, before GUGS, I met up with Peter, Matty and Ruaridh at Geek Retreat for some board gaming. Peter had just got the new Blue Sun expansion for Firefly, so we gave that a shot. The new Reavers and the alert tokens make Reavers a lot more of a threat than in standard play. Matty had to leave early, and when Ruaridh had to bow out as well we just called it a day. Ruaridh was the clear winner with credits in the low tens of thousands range, while I barely had more than a thousand and Peter was completely broke.

Firefly RP didn't happen as we were down a couple of players (Peter had to go home and Martín had an event to attend) so we got an extra player and played some Hell 4 Leather.

I was the Fool, Lady Jane, former leader of a D&D style adventuring party who got pushed into a deep river with a curse placed on her armour to make sure she couldn't get out. She returned from her watery grave to exact revenge on her fellow adventurers who betrayed her. My luck with finding the Death card wasn't the best, and my methods of vengeful murder weren't the most inventive when I did manage to take out one of the party, but we all had fun regardless.

The day after that, I was feeling a bit under the weather, so I took the day off from volunteering and wound up watch the first four and a half seasons of Felicia Day's web series, The Guild. It had been on my 'to watch' list for a while, but I'd never got round to it. But I was in need of cheering up, so I gave it a watch.

I was initially unimpressed, finding all of the characters except Codex unlikeable at first, but they soon grew on me, and obviously I enjoyed it enough to watch almost the entire webseries. I still have the sixth and final season left to watch, and already watched the first episode yesterday.

I've also been catching up on Agents Of SHIELD with Heather over Skype. So far, season two is a lot stronger in this first half than the first season was. There's a clear adversary with Hydra out in the open, there's a lot more going on with the characters (FitzSimmons in particular break my heart to watch right now) and the main story arc has more of a sense of forward momentum, as opposed to the slow burn of last season. Looking forward to watching things unfold into the new year.

Works In Progress
As week two of NaNoWriMo ended, my characters (past and present) staged an intervention and told me I was writing the wrong story, as my heart clearly wasn't in this one. Who am I to argue? So, to keep the word write count ticking upwards, I've started writing a setting bible for the story that I really want to write: my Dream Detective series of novels. It may not be a novel itself, but it will lay some much needed groundwork for the first novel when I finally start work on it.

The Plan: NaNoWriMo Week 3
Tonight, after I've done a bit of a catch up word binge on the setting bible, I need to sit down and prep a scenario for Tuesday's Firefly RP. The rough scenario I had planned for last week isn't as relevant this week as it would have been then, so I'll need to come up with something else. Or at least tweak and flesh out the earlier scenario idea a little.

For the week ahead, I have enough info to start properly planning the rest of my Firefly 'season' so I'll need to get on with that. And maybe by the end of the week I'll have fleshed out enough of my Dream Detective setting to start writing and see how things unfold.

That's all for now, see you later!

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