Sunday, November 2, 2014

[Weekly Geeky Report] Late Check In

Hey folks, fell off the blogosphere for a bit there. I can't promise I'm back properly yet, what with it being November and NaNoWriMo season, but I will try to post if and when I can. Swag There hasn't been much in the way of geeky stuff to report on, with my major purchase being a new Moto E smartphone which I already need to take back to the shop because the headphone jack is faulty. That said, I have been enjoying the ability to play Plague Inc on it, among other things. Achievements Unlocked Since my last post, I've run the first couple of sessions of my Firefly campaign. I'll have full AP reports on them soon, but overall they went well and everyone had fun. Having finished listening to the Redshirts audiobook again, I've moved on to The Fires of Heaven by Robert Jordan. It had been a while since my last visit to the world of The Wheel Of Time series, so it took a bit of time to remember who everyone was and what had happened previously, but the book does help with that a bit by referencing past events here and there. It's the first time I've listened to a Wheel of Time book rather than read it myself, and it's the first audiobook I've heard that alternates between two narrators. It took a bit of getting used to, but it does work pretty well. Doctor Who seems to be getting back to the old style of having season-length arcs instead of a multi-season myth arc, if last night's episode is any indication. I liked it overall, and somewhat wish I hadn't known ahead of time that the Cybermen would be returning, otherwise the reveal would have been amazing. As for the reveal about Missy, pretty much everyone guessed it, but it's great to see the Master back, and to see a new twist on the character. Not quite as powerful a reveal as Jacobi/Simm in Utopia, mind you. Works In Progress As mentioned, I'm participating in NaNoWriMo again this November and have done 1920 words so far, mostly freewriting to help me settle on a concept for my novel. I did eventually settle on trying out my cosmic horror/space opera setting (which started life as a homebrew campaign setting for Traveller), all that I lack now is a plot for it. I'll do some more freewriting tonight to figure out a direction for the story and then work on an actual beginning for it. The Doctor Who/Evangelion fic is on hold until the end of November, but once NaNo is over I'll start working on it alongside the novel (I have no illusions of it being finished by December, 50,000 words or no) and definitely aim to start posting episodes in early 2015. In the meantime, one thing I will have to continue doing over November is prepping for my Firefly campaign. The next session will have to be a generic standalone episode, since the last couple episodes have been heavily weighted towards the captain and gunhand, and I need more background on the other characters in order to give them equal narrative treatment. I have a couple more stock episodes I can use in a pinch, but I'll have a think about other scenarios before I resort to those. Not much else to say, so I'm gonna go do some more words. See you later folks!

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