Sunday, November 9, 2014

[Weekly Geeky Report] Wheel of Time, NaNo, and other stuff...


I decided to spend one of my Audible credits to get Elantris by Brandon Sanderson, since it's a pretty long book and I've discovered I make better progress listening to books of such length than reading them.

I also bought Tony Kaltenberg's album On The Wing Of The Great Spaceship to use as ambient music for my Firefly campaign. I previously discovered three of the songs from the album as free samples on my iPod or Archos MP3 player, can't remember which. In any case, the music has a similar feel to the more easygoing tracks from the Firefly score, so it seems well-suited as ambience for the RPG.

I also bought the PDF of the Leverage RPG on a bit of a whim. Partly for the scenario generator - which turns out to be only slightly different to the Firefly one in Things Don't Go Smooth, but better fits the morality of our Crew - and partly because I was curious to see what it's like. I was warned that it's pretty 'shallow' by another roleplayer, but I'd like to judge that for myself.

Achievements Unlocked

This week has been fairly quiet as far as geeky stuff goes. I finished off The Fires Of Heaven and have already started listening to the next book in The Wheel Of Time series, Lord Of Chaos. I'll probably tear through the rest of the series this way, with a break in the middle for Elantris, perhaps.

Watched another couple of episodes of Cowboy Bebop, including Pierrot Le Fou and the one with Spike's old mechanic buddy, both of which I loved, but especially Pierrot Le Fou, with its titular madcap assassin.

The Doctor Who finale, Death In Heaven was pretty good, as well as heartbreaking in a number of ways. It's not hard to see why the show's treatment of the afterlife prompted complaints, being as grim as it was. It's probably no accident that the finale fell the day before Remembrance Sunday, and it pays tribute in its own way, dark and twisted though that way might be.

Works In Progress

I've felt tempted to shift focus during NaNo to working on the Doctor Who/Evangelion fanfic a couple of times, but I've stuck to my guns and worked on the cosmic horror/space opera story at least a little every day. I'm not on target for 50k yet, but if I manage at least to work on it every day I'll count that a success, given how full my schedule feels right now.

I'll see about catching up on Wednesday, either at the write-in or at home. For now though, I'll do what I can, when I can. See you later!

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