Monday, December 22, 2014

[The Plan] Blogging in 2015

Hey folks! I dropped off the blogosphere for a bit there. Not exactly back yet, but I will make the customary New Years Eve/Day posts next week. Been busy with Christmas shopping, parties, visiting friends and other festive stuff, so I haven't been posting updates on here of late. I'll get back into the blogging habit early to mid-January, at which point I should actually have stuff to post about!

First of all, it's expected that the second season of the G+ Tears of a Machine campaign, Tales of the Arx Jericho, will be starting up on Sunday the 4th of January, and I'll be able to start putting together AP reports soon afterwards. (I'll also get around to finishing and posting the AP of last season's finale before that, promise!)

Second, I wrapped up the first third of my Firefly campaign at GUGS a fortnight ago, and a couple of my players have posted some pretty awesome in-character APs on our Tavern Keeper site, so I'll be using those to help put together APs for the season so far, and by the time I've finished posting them we should be back from the holidays and I'll post regular updates from the campaign from that point on.

Third, I'll probably have a few new games to read over after Christmas (I might buy Dread and/or Dungeon World with some of my Christmas money) and more expected to arrive sometime in the New Year in the form of Kickstarter backer rewards (Primetime Adventures, Timewatch) and pre-orders (Urban Shadows). Once I've got those and read through them, I'll aim to write up reviews of them.

I'm going to worry less about making posts about writing going into the New Year. Don't worry, I'm not giving up on writing, in fact, I plan to step up my game as a writer in the New Year. Part of that will involve not writing about writing and concentrating on just writing. Until I'm published and have some actual industry experience, I doubt any advice I have to offer will be of any special interest or value to anyone. As such, from the start of next year most of my content will be gaming-related, or will involve books, movies and TV shows. Beyond posting flash fiction and the occasional progress report on current projects, the closest I'll come to posting writing-related content is reviewing books about writing or software that's of particular interest to writers.

I also need to be careful that I don't use up all my potential writing time on blog posts, so my output will probably be low to medium (two to three days a week). It pretty much was that already, but I'm setting that as my minimum target now; if I manage five to six days content, I'll call that a good week.

I'll be back on Boxing Day with unboxing videos of a few boardgames, one of which was a birthday present from friends, and the other two I bought with my Christmas money. This will be the first time I've actually done any kind of vlog posts, so we'll see how that works out.

In the meantime, I offer you all best wishes this festive season. :)

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