Sunday, January 18, 2015

[Weekly Geeky Report] Agent Carter, Lost Girl and other stuff...

Another PWYW Worlds of Adventure release for FATE Core this week. This time it's Psychedemia, in which players are students at an academy for psionics who discover a mental plane of existence populated by peaceful beings of pure thought. But when the Academy learns of this realm and its inhabitants, they seek to take control by force. Sounds like an interesting concept for a one-shot or short-term campaign, plus the supplement includes new rules for psionics and adventures in other dimensions.

Achievements Unlocked: #51in15 Edition
This is a little thing that's been going on over Google+ and I've gotten involved because I'm silly that way. The idea is to play 51 different tabletop games over the course of 2015, posting an updated list with the #51in15 hashtag. Roleplaying games seem to count as well as board/card games, since I've seen other folks posting those as part of their lists. I'm counting running games as playing; the GM is a player, after all, albiet one with more stuff to keep track of.

Ones added this week, in order of play:

1. Cards Against Humanity: Played this on Tuesday with Heather and a bunch of other folks at the first GUGS of the new year, before we started the Firefly session. I only got three black cards this time around. I must be slipping.

2. Firefly the Roleplaying Game: Since Heather was back for one night only, I collaborated with her to come up with a scenario that would allow her character to make a brief return. Since parting ways with the crew, Tammy had fallen in with the New Resistance and needed the crew's help to smuggle some stolen medical supplies to settlements out in the border worlds that had been hit hard by disease. Despite some interference from Badger and a brief intervention by Tammy's family retainer, trying to get her to come home, the crew managed to get the supplies aboard the Shuìlián and shipped them off to Paquin where they bid Tammy goodbye once again. A bit light on conflict, but it was a nice light session to ease folks back into the campaign after the break.

I'll be tracking my progress with the 51 in '15 challenge on a separate page here on the blog, which includes a list of games I hope to run/play this year, and I'll continue to mention further additions in detail as part of future Weekly Geeky Reports.

Other Achievements Unlocked
We had our second session of Tears of a Machine season 2 last Sunday, and I'll hopefully be getting the write-up for the first session out tomorrow. In the meantime, let me just say that things have got off to a pretty intense start. The pilots had their first lunar mission, the Mayzor have started using biological warfare against humanity, and my character (Rick) had a bombshell revelation delivered to him on his birthday. I'm looking forward to playing out how all this affects Rick emotionally in future sessions.

After I got home from Tuesday GUGS, I watched the second episode of Agent Carter over Skype with Heather. It was every bit as enjoyable as the first episode, but I can't help but suspect that this is going to be one of those shows that has a little bit of a cliffhanger at the end of each episode. That's going to get annoying pretty quickly.

Speaking of cliffhangers at the end of each episode, I'm nearing the end of Lost Girl's second season and it's doing pretty much the same kind of thing as it nears the finale. The last couple of episodes not only delivered a number of emotional gut-punches to Bo, Kenzie and Lauren, but also some pretty crushing blows against our heroes in their fight against the Big Bad.

I resumed my Mass Effect playthrough on Wednesday night and finished the first batch of Citadel sub-quests in the first game before moving on with the main plot. I'll probably replay the game once I'm finished because I want to max out my Paragon and Renegade meters as much as possible before moving on to Mass Effect 2.

To get me through my shifts at work (chat is not forbidden, but it is discouraged), and to get my vicarious roleplaying kicks, I've been listening to the AP recordings of the Monsterhearts: Xion Crossings campaign from Richard Rogers' Youtube channel. I recently bought Monsterhearts so I wanted to get a feel for how the game runs before potentially MCing it myself, plus I've enjoyed the Apocalypse World: Crossroads and Intercontinental Urban Shadows APs from that channel previously. Still not sure I'd be the best person to MC a Monsterhearts game, but from listening to these APs I really hope I can get a chance to play it as a PC, at least.

Finally, I've read through the first couple issues from Hellblazer Volume 1. The story is the one they used for the fourth episode of the NBC series, and it's interesting to see how the original comic and TV versions differ. The comic is definitely darker and grimmer than the show (which is fine by me), introduces Papa Midnite much earlier and Constantine's backstory is different too. Don't know much yet, but he mentions the Invunche (which appeared in the mid-season climax of the TV show).

Works In Progress
Listening to the Monsterhearts APs and watching Brick again recently got me thinking about an idea I had for a story mixing the teen noir and urban fantasy genres. No actual writing done yet, but I've started putting together a virtual 'murder board' for plotting the story. It's something to work on while I'm still trying to develop the 'dream detective' story, at least.

I'm gonna do some planning for Tuesday's Firefly session and work on my AP post for Tears of a Machine after get home from work this afternoon. For the rest of the week ahead, I'll get on with editing for the first part of my Doctor Who/Eva fanfic, outlining the first season, and also do a bit more plotting on the supernatural teen noir mystery idea. I'll also need to work on the rest of my AP posts, as well as a few other blog posts to keep things active on here.

For now though, see you later!

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