Sunday, January 25, 2015

[Weekly Geeky Report] Monsterhearts, Lost Girl and other stuff...

Didn't really buy anything new this week, but my print copy of Monsterhearts arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon.

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7. Monsterhearts: Managed to get in on a one shot of Avery McDaldno's AW hack over G+ Hangouts last night. It was okay, but I wasn't as involved as I could have been. Part of this was down to me being distracted by trying to sort out my takeout delivery in the first half (it took AGES).

The other issue was that I tried playing the Chosen as a 'safe' option for my first game which was a mistake for several reasons, chief of which is that it's better suited to campaign play. Plus, MH is a game primarily about messy teen relationships and I was still approaching it as more of a mystery.

Still, I'm up for giving it another go, especially since I've actually bought the book. I've heard plenty of awesome APs of Monsterhearts, so it's not that its a bad game, it's just a different style of game than what I'm used to playing.

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Tuesday's session of Firefly was running a bit longer than I'd anticipated, so it's being continued as a two-parter. This session was a lot of research and setup work for what has become a full-blown heist, but started as a simple 'pay ransom, retrieve hostage' mission. Just goes to show, some of the best sessions are sometimes the ones the GM barely did any prep for.

Finished off Lost Girl season two and, of course, it ended on a cliffhanger. Sort of. At least with Lost Girl the end of season cliffhangers don't seem to be the usual 'cut in the middle of the climax' type. Rather, they're more about hinting at the consequences of the choices our heroes made to save the day, to be dealt with next season. I don't want to spoil for anyone yet to watch, but my favourite moment this season involves Kenzie wielding a chainsaw and being pretty damn badass.

I also read another couple of issues from Hellblazer Volume 1, one involving demon yuppies and the other involving a devil-worshipping child murderer. The first was a darkly humourous criticism of Thatcher's Britain. The second was (of course) much more creepy and tensely paced. It also introduced Constantine's family and Zed, as well as the Resurrection Crusaders. The comics don't pull many punches in maintaining their dark, grim tone, so they might not be everyone's cup of tea.

I finished listening to the Monsterhearts: Xion Crossings AP from Richard Rogers' Youtube channel so now I'm replaying the Intercontinental Urban Shadows APs and wishing Urban Shadows was out already. Oh well, all going according to schedule, it should be out around the end of March.

Not much else to report this week, hopefully I'll be a bit more active next week!

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