Sunday, April 19, 2015

[Weekly Geeky Report] Betrayals, Mad Science and other things...

No new purchases this week, due to lack of funds. I did however hear that the Series 8 soundtrack for Doctor Who is finally being released on May 18th, so I'm looking forward to getting that when it comes out.

Achievements Unlocked
Last Sunday evening, I got together with a group of folks over Google+ Hangouts for a setup session of Blades In The Dark. Our characters included a Hound who's a refugee from Skovlan hoping to get some support to retake her home, an ex-merchant sailor Slide, and a Tycherosi Whisper seeking to restore the Forgotten Gods to power. My character is the Slide, who ran away from home and posed as a boy to get work aboard a merchant vessel. She eventually got found out and dumped at Duskwall, where she was taken on as a bartender at the Owl's Hoot by the owner, Arlynne. Arlynne runs an illicit gambling den and smuggling ring. By the time we were finished, we decided she was the patron of our gang of thieves and we used one of the tavern's secret rooms as our lair. No word yet on when we're actually playing the first session, as we still need to sort out a day and time when everyone can make it online.

No Firefly at GUGS this week. With the next session slated to be the finale, I wanted all hands on deck, and Heather wasn't able to attend on Tuesday, but she will be able to attend this coming Tuesday. So instead, Martin, Peter and myself played a few tabletop games. Craig decided not to come because he was still recovering from jet lag and Honi had studying to do, so it was just us three.

We started off with a couple of games of Betrayal at House on the Hill. The first time I ended up being the traitor while playing as the little boy, Peter Akimoto. I discovered Frankenstein's notes and figured his experiments seemed cool, plus it would be just awesome to have my very own monster. So I activated the monster and set him loose on the other explorers to get more body parts to make some friends for him. The monster managed to kill Ox (played by Peter) by throwing him from the chasm in the basement, but Ox had done enough damage and bought enough time for Professor Longfellow (played by Martin) to finish the monster off by throwing another torch at him. Peter ran away crying at the loss of his new friend. Longfellow found the blasphemous research notes and started to burn them, but then thought better of it, deciding the research might have some merit after all.

The second time around things went poorly for my character, Darrin 'Flash' Williams from the start. His girlfriend, Jenny LeClaire (played by Peter), had run off upstairs right away and disappeared, having moved to another level of the house via mystic elevator. Not aware that she had switched floors, poor Flash spent the next several rounds searching the upper level for her; it didn't help that his flashlight went out after the first few rooms, forcing him to stumble around in the dark. Professor Longfellow (played by Martin, once again) triggered the haunt, becoming zombie chow and (presumably) became the Zombie Lord, sending his brain hungry minions after Jenny and Darrin, who were still two floors apart. Jenny managed to escape the zombies long enough to reach Darrin and give him new batteries for his torch and some weapons to help him fight, but he fell to the Zombie Lord. Jenny was forced to kill her boyfriend when he turned, before being devoured by the rest of the zombie hoard.

We then played Mad Scientist University for three rounds. To my shame, Martin and Peter were both better at coming up with insane plans for completing the assignments than I was. Martin used his actual knowledge of science, while Peter was just superb at coming up with insane bullshit on the fly. They had also both figured out the trick that the 'unstable element' is really just a starting point, whereas I kept trying to come up with plans based solely on the element I drew. All the same, it was pretty fun, and I'm sure I'll get better at ad libbing stuff with practice.

We finished off the evening by playing Love Letter: L5R Edition, but the game had to be cut short because we were running out of time before we all had to head home. Peter caught on to how the game worked pretty quickly, figuring out how to figure out other players' hands using logic, but I don't think Martin quite caught on to that part of playing the game.

Having heard a lot of buzz about the show since its release and having been assured by GUGS' resident Marvel buff that it was 'f***ing awesome', I decided to start watching the new Daredevil series. I started watching the first episode on Wednesday evening and four or so hours later I'd already finished episode five. The next day, I watched another five. I've had to leave it at that since then though, due to some blog writing on Friday and trying to adapt to the new work schedule this weekend. But if you have Netflix and haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it based on the ten episodes I've seen so far. Be warned though: it's a much darker superhero tale than what's already been seen in the MCU, with more blood and gore.

I finished Winter's Heart by Robert Jordan during yesterday's shift, and the character whose absence I was bemoaning last week finally showed up in the latter half of the book. After the downer ending of the previous book, I was glad to find that this one ended on a more positive note, relatively speaking. Not entirely rosy, but not doom and gloom at least. As always, I'll listen to a couple of other audiobooks and take a break from the Wheel of Time series before moving on to the next book.

Works In Progress
I did actually do some fiction writing but, once again, it wasn't the fiction I'd planned to write this week that I wound up doing. What I ended up writing instead was a swan song of sorts for the original Evangelion RP version of my character, Kaito Yamada. This was as a warm-up to using him as the protagonist for the Kuro fic I've been thinking about writing up; I figured that, before I use him for this story, I needed to sever ties from his original roots as an original character for an Evangelion RP. The story I ended up with still left loose ends for continuation in that universe though. Perhaps with a little editing I'll be able to end the tale with a bit more finality.

In any case, I really need to get cracking with the Doctor Who/Evangelion fanfic. I'm probably not going to manage my original stated goal of finishing half a 'season' of the storyline by the end of the year, but I can at least try and get started publishing it over on First thing's first though, I really need to finish editing the first 'episode'. I already have some feedback from Misha to work with, but once this draft is done I'd like to give it another pass with some other beta readers before finalising it.

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