Sunday, April 12, 2015

[Weekly Geeky Report] Constantine, Lost Girl and other stuff...

Since I'm backing the kickstarter for Bulldogs! Fate Core Edition, I figured I'd buy the Have Blaster, Will Travel short story anthology of fiction set in the Bulldogs! universe, just to get a feel for the setting I'll be running games in once the physical book is in my hands.

Achievements Unlocked
Not much happened at the start of this week. Tears of a Machine is on hiatus while Misha adjusts to his new schedule. I didn't attend GUGS because one of our regular players for Firefly was away on holiday, so I was planning to participate in the first part of a Blades in the Dark playtest which got postponed at the last minute. (It should definitely be happening tonight though.)

Late on Tuesday night, Heather and I chatted over Skype while watching the Constantine season 1 finale. The episode itself wasn't bad, adapting one of the creepier early stories from the Hellblazer comic series, but as a season finale it was lacking the expected punch of...well, a finale. Jim Corrigan returned, and his dark fate was foreshadowed again, but nothing has come of it yet. A revelation was delivered about the Rising Darkness and, though it was a significant one, it still wasn't quite enough to serve as a season finale cliffhanger. Presumably, the reason the episode doesn't work as a finale is because it wasn't meant to be one; the showrunners must have had high hopes of getting the green light for the back nine episodes of the season. It'll be even worse if this turns out to be the final episode of the series overall, ending the show with a proverbial whimper instead of a bang.
Midweek, while resting up to rid myself of a cold that I still haven't entirely shaken, I finished off the rest of Lost Girl season 3. Honestly, I was surprised to find that the third season had returned to a shorter length of 13 episodes after the full-length second season of 22 episodes. However, whereas Constantine fell short in the season finale department, Lost Girl's third season finale was probably the most cliffhanger-y finale the show has had yet. It was a strange season arc this time round, with the majority of the season spent foreshadowing a threat that didn't really rear it's head until the aforementioned cliffhanger, while the actual Big Bad of the season didn't come into play until the last few episodes. Still, it was a pretty good season, with the real arc of the show being focused on the tangled relationships between the main cast, as an underlying theme of the human characters (Kenzi and Lauren) struggling to fit in with the Fae world.

I'm about halfway through Winter's Heart (Wheel of Time book 9) by Robert Jordan and I'm still waiting for the fate of one of the main characters to be revealed after the cliffhanger from the book before last! Not that there isn't plenty going on with the other characters to keep me hooked, but this is one of my favourite characters and it's been a whole book and half since he was actually featured. Leaving a character out of the story for a while to keep readers wondering what happened to them is a good way to create tension, but a book and a half (maybe even two whole books) is a bit much. I have a sinking feeling he won't be shown in this book either until the very end, just to tease a return to his story arc in the next book. Well, like I said, there's plenty else to keep me occupied in the meantime.

As mentioned at the start of this post, I bought and downloaded the Have Blaster, Will Travel anthology, and have already read the first four stories. As expected, the stories aren't anything exceptional, but they're entertaining nonetheless. Suitable reading for the bus to work or before bedtime. I mostly bought the book mostly to get the feel for the setting anyway, and in that respect I feel I got my money's worth.

Works In Progress
I didn't get around to doing any of that other writing I talked about last week, but since my new shift pattern will leave me with a lot more free time between Monday and Friday, I'll see about getting on with it all this week. So I've got the Doctor Who/Evangelion fic to work on, a Kuro story, and I still need to plan for the Firefly campaign finale.

Luckily, the Firefly session has been pushed back a week to allow for our distant player Heather to join in, so the whole crew will be onboard for the final battle. Now...if I can just get over my deep-seated loathing of preparing maps for sessions...ugh!

See you later, folks!

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