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[RPG Fiction] Firefly - Adventures of the Water Lily: Destiny

The following is an epilogue written by Peter, one of the players from my Firefly campaign, featuring his character Jesse Weynlon. I thought I'd post it on here for folks to read.

Disclaimer: Firefly is the property of Mutant Enemy, Inc. and 20th Century Fox. Serenity is the property of Universal Pictures. This is a noncommercial piece of fanwork not associated with these entities and intended only to entertain and show appreciation for the source material.



A few months after the destruction of LRI's facility on Destiny.
Jesse sighed as she dragged herself through the field. It was a journey she was quite used to by now. Mick and Sharla had been a great help since she'd moved here but above all this brought her the most peace. The wind was gentle and the sun was warm on her back while the tall grass idly brushed her fingers. It reminded her of home or as close as she could get to it. Arriving at a small clearing in the field she brushed down her waistcoat and trousers before removing her hat and settling down on the ground.

"Well James, it's a nice day out, felt like goin' for a walk," she sighed stretching her arms out behind her to prop herself up "It's not been easy settling down here no sir. Too many people who don't like Browncoats, but whatever I'm not going anywhere because of them. It was good of Mick to give me a place to stay but Mick's always been good that way. Provided I help out with the children here and there, but that's not too difficult, Sharla's not quite as smart as I remember her being so she needs the occasional help in the class but she leads most of the way for it and I help out with the books here, like I used to do on the farm, so I earn my stay," she shrugged turning back to look at the Orphanage in the distance.

"It's a good thing those two are there for me...been awful lonely since Destiny. Last I heard of the crew was when Tammy visited the other week. She still seemed as...energetic as ever. Met up with Bea again, threw her hat in with them after that Miranda signal went out." Jesse shook her head disapprovingly "Can't say I approve but once she's set her mind to somethin' ain't nothin will make her change. That much is clear. Jus' so long as I don't need to arrest her next time she visits I'll be happy," she forced the joke. Tammy was a delight but her time back with the Captain had changed her, or so Jesse thought.

"Well...about the others...Tammy says Winston went back to working with his old crew. I suppose they'd know him better than anyone, so long as he keeps himself out of trouble. I don't know what the lad would do without someone to look after him." she sighed and reached up to rub her temples "Lord knows that fool worked my nerves somethin' awful at times but he was bright, that's for sure." she paused a moment thinking briefly "Wonder if he ever finished that fancy engine he was workin' on," she glanced at James knowingly, "Well if he does hope he learns to keep it quiet this time, didn't get him the best attention last time." she added with a smirk.

"At least Vanni is staying in the clear, from the sounds of it. Using the money from the bounty, seems she's started up a crew and business of her own. She's a smart girl for sure, probably well suited to being a captain once. Remember how we taught her how to shoot?" The memory brought a wide smile to Jesse’s face. “Yeah she was pretty terrible at first, but I’d like to think we made something of her.” 

A thought suddenly came to mind that made Jesse laugh aloud shattering the peace of the quiet field. "Reminds me...Tammy also told me apparently Vanni left that ship the Bonnie Mae out by the ruins of Destiny for her old friend to find. Now I don't much condone the theft but it's a pretty hilarious way to return it to people. I ain't above all humour." she said with a grin "Yeah she made some real progress, with a bit of time in a leading position she'll become a better Captain than John was. Not as much baggage on her." The grin slowly fell from Jesse's face as her memories of the Captain came back to her. Reaching up she idly rubbed her scar in thought.

"Yeah...the Captain sure had his share of baggage, almost got us killed on more than one occasion." she muttered quietly "I think I still hate him, he almost threw us all away in his grief. Had a negative effect on Tammy for sure, she's went on a darker path than life initially intended for her but..." Jesse wrapped her arms around her knees as her brow furrowed "...end of the day his example probably is what saved me. The Captain once asked me if I knew there was a chance you were still alive I'd do the same as him. At the time I...I thought he was right, I'd have done anything but I was still naive." Jesse gritted her teeth and looked away from James "I've seen now what that kind of path the Captain was walking, I know now there's no happy ending from that kind of...obsession. That's why I had to...I knew I had to change, because I didn't want to be the one responsible for dragging everyone close to me down with me. The Captain put us through hell, eventually I would most certainly have done the same and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. It's why I came's why I let go," Jesse looked back across the clearing at the two fresh gravestones positioned there side by side without graves to mark.



A long browncoat was draped over one of them; James' old gun was laid in front of the other. Way out here, away from the town and the gangs, far enough away from the Orphanage that the kids wouldn't wander. This was a place she could watch over them. 

"So sorry if we aren't so close James but, it's better this way." she said apologetically to the gravestone as she got up and brushed herself down. She gave an irritated look to her father's marker "Ideally I'd have taken that coat back to his real grave on Whitefall, but you know how that place is. Not worth the trouble, assuming Patience hasn't razed the land or somethin' already," she muttered before sighing with satisfaction “But this'll do for now I think, I hope you both are having a good time." she bent over and scooped up her wide-brimmed hat from the ground. "Managed to get myself a small job as a deputy of the Sheriff here, pulling that favour before mighta helped a bit in the application process." she said placing the hat on her head "That said I'd best get back to work, ever since that Miranda signal went out, there's been word of riots in places at the Alliance for it, especially if you live close to the rim. Yep, could be dark days ahead but I ain't going to fly off the handle chasin' baddies like Tammy's chosen to do." she turned and looked at the Orphanage in the distance. She could almost make out Naomi and Russell helping ol' Sharla hanging out the washing. "I got something to protect now."  

Brushing herself down one last time she turned briefly to look back at the gravestones.

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