Sunday, July 5, 2015

[Weekly Geeky Report] Camelot Trigger, Titansgrave and other stuff...

The print edition of Worlds In Peril became available this week and there was an 'upgrade' offer for those of us who bought the PDF, so I went ahead and ordered the print copy.

I also downloaded The Last Days of Anglekite setting supplement for Dungeon World from DriveThruRPG. It's set in a dying fantasy world facing numerous catastrophic forces. Since I'm reaching the end of the Wheel of Time series, and I'm enjoying the 'end of days' vibe of the latter books in that series, I thought I'd give this setting a look.

Acheivements Unlocked
Speaking of the Wheel of Time series I finished Towers of Midnight (Book 13 of the Wheel of Time) by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson on Sunday and, while the first half of it was a slow burn affair, the latter half is full steam ahead for the most part. There's some great action and at least one long-term plot thread is tied up by the end of the book (and a bad thing happens to one of my favourite characters, which hurt to listen to). Of course, by the end of it, the stage is set for the grand finale and there's one major cliffhanger leading into the next book. I've only listened to the prologue and first couple of chapters of A Memory Of Light (Book 14) so far, so I can't comment on it much at this point.

On Tuesday, I ran the third session of my Camelot Trigger campaign and, I think, I'm starting to find my feet a bit more. There was very minimum movement on the main plot arc (because I'm still figuring stuff out for that), but there was some good character stuff in the session. M4-D06's (Martin's character) disastrous interaction with his potential love interest resulted in him receiving the sharp end of her tongue and she now sees him as more of a rival than as a potential partner. Meanwhile, the rivalry between L13T-KYN-35 (Craig's character) and one of Lord Marr's (Peter's character) knights ended in tragedy as the prideful Sir Roland pushed himself too hard to try and defeat L13T in the tournament, and the incompetence (or was it?) of the adjudicator and L13T's unwillingness to yield for Roland's own sake left the knight critically injured and unable to continue in the tournament. There'll likely be further consequences from this later in the campaign, once I've figured out what they should be.

I went into the session with two simple story questions: would M4-D06 take advantage of the invitation to help Dame Frazier improve her armour (he didn't, but his poor rolls made it look like he was trying to sabotage her), and would L13T-KYN-35 show mercy to his rival if it became clear he was pushing himself too hard? (No, it turns out.) Other questions arose from how the session played out that I can now build upon in preparing the next session, which is one really cool thing that comes out of the prep-light nature of Fate Core.

On Wednesday, I caught up with Geek and Sundry's new RPG show hosted by Wil Wheaton, called Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana. Each episode shows about one half of a session of play in the campaign, which takes place in a science fantasy setting and uses an updated version of the AGE system used in the Dragon Age RPG. So far, the series has been really entertaining; Wheaton and his players approach the game with a very tongue-in-cheek attitude, so the campaign so far has been pure gonzo fun. There is some sort of ancient evil on the rise though, so I wonder if there'll be some more serious toned scenes when that becomes more evident. (Edit: As of Friday's session...yes, there was some slightly more serious character drama towards the end.)

Anyhow, I'm loving everything about it so far: Wil as GM, the celeb players and their characters, the pro artwork that's used to illustrate characters and events in the game, even the setting itself. Not sure about the system, as I don't have a lot of experience with the Dragon Age RPG, but it seems light enough for my tastes from what I can tell. I'll seriously consider picking up the Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook and the Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana sourcebook when they're released (which should be next month), but to be honest if I'm going to run anything of a more fantasy bent (and I really do want to give it a go), I'll probably be running it with Dungeon World before I try with another system.

On Thursday night I finally played the first session of the new Worlds In Peril campaign over on Roll20. Things didn't go terribly well for my character Mentalista though. Despite her good intentions, her attempts to help foil a bank robbery turned pear-shaped when her psychic powers went haywire and she injured a few by-standers and caused some structural damage. She tried to make up for her blunder by holding up the collapsing ceiling with her powers, but that didn't improve her image in the eyes of the police. Mentally and physically exhausted by the ordeal, Mentalista is rescued from the bank by cybernetic secret agent and college student Ronin, who takes her back to his agency's secret headquarters to receive medical aid. She's freed to return home (where she can expect a lecture from her dad for running off in the middle of a crisis) with the understanding that the agency (known as Aegis) will likely call upon her for 'favors' in the future to help in their war against the cyborg criminal organisation Phalanx. In the meanwhile, she's now uncertain about continuing her efforts as a superheroine in light of her performance at the bank.

Works In Progress
As ever, I've got more prep to do for Camelot Trigger before Tuesday's session. While I was dubious about it in the beginning, I've come to realise the tournament is actually helpful because it provides a structured timeframe for the events of the campaign. I'm still puzzling out the main arc plot, but I'm getting closer to having a solid plan for it.

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