Monday, December 7, 2015

[Character Report] Avenging Eagle AKA Sayaka the Doomed (Masks: A New Generation)

I was going to post the actual play report from last night's game of Masks: A New Generation (the young superheroes RPG I recently backed on Kickstarter), but it turns out I'm too short on time today to get it finished before I head out. So, instead, here's another Masks related post I had prepared already. I'll work on getting the actual play report up on Wednesday instead.

A month or so back, I got the opportunity to play Masks myself. It was only a one-shot, but I loved the character I came up with so much I hope to have the opportunity to play her again someday.

The write-up below is a modified version of the original character I played, as there has been an update to the playbook I used since then. I also refined the backstory somewhat from what I originally wrote, making the experiments an attempt at control rather than enhancement, which fits better with the effects it had on her psyche. She also didn't have a hero name originally, so I just made one up.

Hero Name: Avenging Eagle
Real Name: Sayaka Yashima
Playbook: The Doomed

Look: Sayaka is a 17 year old girl of Japanese American descent, with long dark hair and bangs that can sometimes hide her eyes. While on missions she wears her inmate uniform from her time at Project Prometheus, a medical jumpsuit of sorts, but has made alterations to it to remove their insignia and replace it with her own: an embroidered circle with a depiction of the eagle tormenting Prometheus in Greek mythology. During downtime, she wears plain dark t-shirts and jeans. She often has a blank, hopeless look in her eyes.

Abilities: Telekinesis, psychic constructs and memory Manipulation.

Freak +2, Danger +1, Savior +1, Superior -1, Mundane 0

Doom: Sayaka one of the subjects of a highly experimental mind control program which has left her personality fragmented, creating an evil alter ego that vies for control over her mind. Sayaka does her best to contain her darker self, but it's only a matter of time before she loses herself completely. 

Her doom is brought closer whenever she frightens loved ones or injures innocents.

Nemesis: Dr Alicia Moran, head researcher for Project Prometheus and the one Sayaka holds ultimately responsible for her doom.

Sanctuary: Saint Dymphna's Hospital, an abandoned psychiatric hospital in Halcyon City where Sayaka was taken by Dr Eric Barber after he aided her in her escape. She has a selection of art, music and food brought to her by Barber to help keep her healthy, both physically and mentally. There is also some medical equipment which he has smuggled in to help him monitor her condition. Sayaka has taken one of the empty patient rooms as her own and regularly meditates there to help control her powers and maintain her sanity.

The hospital is the subject of urban legend and many believe it to be haunted. This reputation and its abandonment attracts some unwanted visitors such as amateur ghost hunters, daring teenagers, and urban explorers. Sayaka does her best to avoid these visitors when they call, but sometimes she's influenced by her darker self to mess with them. If discovered, she may be forced to alter the visitors' memories to make them forget about her.

Doomsigns: Dark Visions.

Sayaka started to realise she was different when she hit puberty; her mother, Michiko, had the 'gift' and saw the signs of it in her as well. Michiko didn't have much time to teach her about these powers before shadowy agents found them both and whisked them away to a secret research facility. Sayaka and her mother found themselves test subjects of Project Prometheus, whose goal appeared to be to study and control powered people. They still hadn't perfected the conditioning process and Sayaka bore witness as many of the subjects, including her mother, slowly went insane from the experiments.

They had only just begun working on Sayaka when one of the researchers, Dr Eric Barber, had a change of heart and helped her escape. He knew of an old abandoned mental hospital in the city, Saint Dymphna's, which was rumoured to be haunted and most sensible people stayed clear of, so he took Sayaka there to hide out.

Unfortunately, Sayaka already shows signs of instability as a result of the conditioning such as mood swings and an evil alternate personality. Sayaka doesn't know how long she can remain herself, but she is determined to track down Dr Alicia Moran - the head researcher for Project Prometheus - and stop her from doing this to anyone else. In the meantime, if she can do some good with her powers, maybe it'll balance out whatever bad results when she finally loses it. She has named herself Avenging Eagle, in reference to the eternal punishment exacted upon Prometheus by Zeus in Greek legend, to reflect her own desire to punish Project Prometheus for what they did to her and her mother.

While Sayaka has little hope for her future, Dr Barber still believes he can find a way to stabilise her mental condition. He has convinced Sayaka it would be wise to work with a team if she is intent upon playing hero and hunting down Moran. Not only will it be safer for her to have some backup while going up against a whole organisation, but she will also need people to watch out for her and keep her in touch with her humanity.

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