Sunday, January 17, 2016

[My Geeky Week] Star Wars, Games Night, and other stuff...

While on our way back from seeing The Force Awakens (the second time for me), my friend David and I stopped by Waterstones, where I happened upon a copy of Sheriff of Nottingham. Having seen it on Wil Wheaton's Tabletop, I debated whether to get it or not, but decided to just get it.

Later in the week, I happened across a couple of limited Star Wars t-shirt designs on, one was a Doctor Who/Star Wars mashup which I just had to order right away. The other was a quote from The Force Awakens written in the style of the Star Wars logo. I wasn't so quick to order that one, but eventually I gave in to the dark side and bought it anyway.

Finally, I spent another of my Audible credits to get Mockingbird by Chuck Wendig, the sequel to Blackbirds (which I finished listening to yesterday).

Achievements Unlocked
As mentioned, I went to see The Force Awakens for a second time and actually enjoyed it even more this time around. Having already seen the film once before and found nits to pick about it, I was better able to switch off my inner critic and just enjoy the show. I intend to do a proper review at some point, but for now I'll just say that it's probably not the best Star Wars film of all time (though I'm sure others will disagree on that point), but it is at least a good Star Wars film.

I also ran my first session of Urban Shadows on Wednesday night, which I posted an actual play report of previously.

On Friday night I went to a games night at a friend's place. I brought along my recently purchased box of Sheriff of Nottingham, and we tried that first. Although we were reluctant to snap the pouches shut properly, as the buttons seemed a bit stiff and we didn't want to accidentally tear the pouch fabric. That aside, once we got the hang of how turns played out, the game was pretty good fun. People even put on silly voices and hammed it up as the Sheriff. I wasn't great as the Sheriff (I'm not naturally a very pushy person, or good at telling when people are bluffing), or as a smuggler (I'm also not great at bluffing), but I did rack up a fairly decent sum through honest trade.

After Sheriff of Nottingham, we sat down to play Firefly: the Game, since Peter had recently got the Whole Damn 'Verse Game Mat for his birthday, and had also picked up the latest expansion over Christmas, so he wanted to try out the game with all the extra material thrown in. The goal for this session was to be solid with the most number of contacts in a limited amount of turns (which still took four hours to complete). As seems to happen every time I play Firefly, I got hit by the Reaver Cutter at a pretty crucial phase. I was transporting passengers (a Forced Exile mission from Harken) when it happened, so they all died and I had to go back for more, delaying my second mission success for several more turns.

Ruaridh won both Sheriff of Nottingham and Firefly, even though he was only half-paying attention to the latter (he doesn't like the game, so he was watching anime while playing). Well done that man!

Finally, yesterday I listened to the audiobook of Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig during my shift. I'd read the Kindle edition before and I enjoyed it, but I wanted to try out the audiobook since I decided to read the next two books in the series that way. I wasn't too sure about the narrator's performance as Miriam Black, but she grew on me as I listened, even though I still think she sounds a bit too light-hearted a lot of the time. Miriam is not a cheerful woman; she can pretend to be, but it's just as a facade and it's not even meant to be a very convincing one. Still, it was a decent listen, and I still went ahead and bought the next audiobook afterwards.

Works In Progress
At the moment, I'm working on putting together Threats for the Urban Shadows: London campaign, although I'm not sure I have enough information to work from, since we didn't get a lot of actual roleplaying done during our first session (due to tech issues and time constraints). I think I'll have a better idea how to assemble the Threats and maybe even a Storm after the next session.

I'm also going to try and do a writing exercise from The 3 A.M. Epiphany every day for the next week and see what comes out of it.

That's all for now, see you later.

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